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15 Oct 2013

uOutdo game review

uOutdo is a casual photo competition game, which lets you win valuable credits and amazing prizes free!

A theme is presented as a base for competition. Players are then required to upload their photos related to that particular theme. The photo that gets most votes wins real prizes. This is the first game of its kind that pays players to show off their photo and creative talents.

As a member, you can create a challenge for others to participate in and participate in challenges that others have created. You can win coupons and even cash prizes for different sponsored competitions.

uOutdo::By Egisca Corp. uOutdo::By Egisca Corp. uOutdo::By Egisca Corp. uOutdo::By Egisca Corp.

uOutdo screenshots

You get points for every activity, such as, commenting, voting and even for liking a post or a photo. The site rewards members for generating traffic on the site, which can be fun. Like many other apps out there, this one is also aimed at social networking.

You get credit points for many things, such as commenting, status updates and participating in competitions. You can share your photos posted here on Facebook and twitter, so that people can come over and vote for you.

You have to create an account after you download the app. If you are already a member on uOutdo. com, then you can simply login using your user ID and password. This app simply works like the app for Facebook or twitter.

When you login, you directly go to the main status page, where you will find all the updates and news about new members and other ongoing activities. The best part is that you get total control of your dashboard via its navigation panel, which has links for all social and competition related activities.

You can easily navigate from one section of the site to another with ease. You can easily participate in any competition using this app. As an Android app, this one is built nicely. It works smoothly and lets you handle all the functions that you can otherwise do through a PC or any other computing device.

The app needs an active internet connection to update status and for all other functions. In fact, it does not have an offline function for the obvious reason that it is a web app. The only thing that it is missing out is the option to take photos using your camera and uploading those photos directly via mobile.

It only allows stored images to be uploaded. If you love to share photos and keen on creating some great art, this app can help you get recognition as well as some great prizes. There is no site like uOutdo.

com and there is no other app in the market, which lets you do what this app allows you to do. If you have time and an internet connection, you can spend your time using this app. It is a great way to make friends, have some social activity and make some money while you are having fun.

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