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Valentine Crush Story

17 Feb 2014

Valentine Crush Story game review

I can’t believe that I am writing this around Valentine’s day but I had to for this game is all about loving your valentine and gifting him something special.

I won’t start with the very interesting description of what the game is all about. I would rather start with why I like to play Valentine Crush Story.

I downloaded this game on my android device as I was impressed with the description of the game, the kind of concept it was based on and I did like the snapshots.

Valentine Crush Story::By Mobi2Fun Valentine Crush Story::By Mobi2Fun Valentine Crush Story::By Mobi2Fun Valentine Crush Story::By Mobi2Fun Valentine Crush Story::By Mobi2Fun

Valentine Crush Story screenshots










That’s all, I downloaded this game without any recommendation, it has been just by chance and that was actually luck by chance, for downloading this game has been one of the best decisions I have made in case of gaming.
The graphics of this game are super amazing and the user interface is lovely. The game makes you get addicted because it gets better and better with every new level. All the levels are full of lovely surprises that anyone would love; whether a guy or a girl.

Let me end up your curiosity by telling what the game is about. You have an adorable and beautiful valentine who wants you to prove that you love her a lot and she is expecting many gifts from your side. Who doesn’t want to give some lovely gifts to his valentine? But this time, you cannot buy gifts with money for you’re in the world of Valentine Crush Story.

You need to find the gifts for your valentine. The gifts have been kept hidden in between the flowers. Once you make a match of similar flowers, the gift comes downwards and you need to bring it to the bottom so that you can pick it up and give it to your beautiful lady. The best part is that you have a very helpful friend who is helping you out and he would help you to get the flowers in one straight column or row. His name is Mr. Bee. There are also additional tricks available to match the flowers which I would prefer that you discover them yourself. I don’t want to spoil the fun. But beware, if you fail, your girlfriend will start slapping you. 

Valentine Crush Story, apart from having a lovely concept with a lovely story background, has some really good surprises, power ups, special points which would double up your fun for playing this game. This game is perfect for downloading, especially during the valentine month, but even if it’s gone, you can enjoy this game to the fullest. I downloaded it much before and I’m still playing it every day for hours. Why? It’s so addicting. I don’t feel like playing any other game, but Valentine Crush Story.

Considering the concept, graphics and user reviews which I read recently, I think that this game is highly recommended to all the people who love playing games. Get out of those action and adventure games and start spreading the love with the Valentine Crush Story.

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