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Valluran Online

28 Feb 2014

Valluran Online game review

Valluran Online is a power packed action game which would take you to a wonderful adventurous experience. There was a great fire and after that Valluran has been led by big three.

In the Vallurans harbor in the south, a new mob arrives every day. The one who will survive in Valluran has to bring honor. You need to prove that you are yourself a worthy guild member and not just a rabble.

This is what the objective of the game is. You need to team up with a guild of your choice and obtain power over Valluran.

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Valluran Online screenshots

You need to attack other guilds. Take up all the weapons and potions and get ready to fight against each of the members of other guilds and avenge the fall of your fellow beings.

You would earn trophies, achievements and medals for everything you do in Valluran. A trophy contest held every week would allow you to win prices and bring honor to your world.

There’s also a Valluran Casino where you can just play and have fun. Valluran Online is a big game which has plenty of features. It’s quite predictable from the kind of storyline the game possesses that there would quite a lot of features and contents in the game. Isn’t it?

The main game contents include – picking up one of the three classes which would eventually decide which character you are going to be in the world of Valluran Online. Then you would need to team with the fellow members of your guild and fight against each member of the enemy guilds and steal their gold.

You would need to buy more and more weapons, armors and shields in order to protect yourself and keep winning. There are quests which let you learn the secrets of the Valluran. So, you would be required to fulfill those quests.

The main features of the game include a multiplayer online game. The game looks just like a browser game. The story is very exciting and the online help facility is super awesome. You would be competing for worldwide high score, which doubles up the entertainment and challenge of the game. There are countless quests and new content in the game every now and then.

Valluran Online is a very nice game. The endless features with different items, quests and contents makes this game a dream of every gamer. You won’t find a better game than this to challenge yourself. The game is available in app store. The graphics of the game are very nice and provide a different kind of identity to the game in the action game genre.

Valluran Online is not just another action game from the millions that are already available. It’s different. With the large number of features and options in the game, you would seriously keep on playing this game like forever. Every day you can try out something different and enjoy. If you call yourself a real gamer, come and compete with me and all the millions of people who are playing this game right now. Play Valluran Online. 

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