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Wars Online

11 May 2014

Wars Online game review

Wars Online is an addictive 2D online strategy game for Android mobile phones and devices.

In Wars Online, you match wits with real opponents from all around the world as you try to topple their forces while enjoying fun, cartoonish graphics that really bring the action to life.

Wars Online pits you into a medieval environment as you battle it out while attempting to collect gold so that you can upgrade your forces and be even more dominant in competition afterward.

Wars Online::By Mobe Labb Corp. Wars Online::By Mobe Labb Corp. Wars Online::By Mobe Labb Corp. Wars Online::By Mobe Labb Corp. Wars Online::By Mobe Labb Corp.

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As with most good touch screen games, controlling Wars Online is very simple. It’s mostly just a matter of selecting the unit you want from along the bottom of the screen, where they are listed, so that they can be placed onscreen and entered into battle.

Units such as soldiers on foot or horsemen are depicted in colorful round icons on the bottom of the screen along with a small gold coin near every icon that shows the cost of the unit. Likewise, on the upper left portion of the screen, icons depict special items, as well.

While playing against others is the focus of the game and likely how most people will choose to enjoy it, there is a great single player mode, too. In the single player campaigns, you explore a non-linear path as you get the hang of how to play the game and explore the different strategies available to you.

You will also be able to use fun innovations like the cannons, which you use your own touch to fire according to the trajectory and depth that you need to obliterate your foes. However, Wars Online really shines when you play against other real-life opponents.

You can play against your friends and taunt them with selectable, fun trash talking messages that add to both of your enjoyment. As you do, you can increase the quality of your forces and use both gold that you have earned online and in the single player campaigns to give you the army that you need.

It’s nice that whether you choose to play multiplayer or single player, your coins can be used in either mode. Another great thing about Wars Online is that no specific strategy is infallible. There are ways to counter every strategy, and brute force is not the be-all, end-all.

Furthermore, the game’s graphics are simple, yet charming and watching your forces do battle with others is a great time. The game is framed as if it was a picture sitting on a desk alongside gold coins from an adventure, which is really original and gives the game a lot of style, too.

Other features, such as being able to instantly brag about your wins over your friends on Facebook, only add to the fun of playing against others online. If you want a fun online multiplayer game, Wars Online is something you have to try.

Even if you prefer single player action, the campaigns available will provide you with a lot of entertainment and enjoyment.

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