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WikiTest Trivia Quiz Game

15 Nov 2013

WikiTest (Trivia Quiz Game) game review

WikiTest (Trivia Quiz Game) is, as the name suggests, a trivia game.

Anyone can enjoy this game because there are all sorts of different topics for the questions. There are currently over five hundred questions available, so you can spend hours playing this game multiple days in a row. To get started all you have to do is click play and you can start a new game.

If you are doing really badly in the game you can go back to the main menu and start over. You start out with forty-five seconds in the game, and each right answer gets you more time.

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WikiTest (Trivia Quiz Game) screenshots

If you answer too many of the questions incorrectly then you will run out of time and you will have to start a new game. One of the nice things about this game is that all of the questions are true or false questions, so even if you do not know one of the answers, you at least have a 50% chance of getting it right.

After you answer the question, the game will display a trivia fact about the question whether you get it right or wrong. So even if you guess and get it right, you will still get the trivia fact so you can learn why you were right.

If you score high enough then your username and the country you live in will be added to the high scores list. The current top score is almost 2,000 points, so it will take a bit of time to beat that score.

The trivia questions on this app fall under a wide range of categories such as movies, music, sports, news and much more, so you never know what you will be asked. You could answer one question about chemistry then get a question about a popular singer right after that.

When I was playing this game I had a question about the Spanish Civil War and then shortly after that I had another question about a Lady Gaga song. The wide range of questions makes this game really fun.

There are so many different categories available that anyone can enjoy this game and get some of the questions right. Some of the questions are pretty much just general knowledge, but some of them are a bit harder.

If you pay attention and actually read the trivia facts then you can really learn a thing or two from this game. Parents can actually feel good about their children spending hours playing this game instead of other games because they can learn while they play.

As long as you can read, you will enjoy this app. It is so much fun that you will want to spend hours answering the questions because there are so many questions that you can just keep playing for as long as you want.

I would highly recommend this game over all other trivia games because it is really fun and there are enough questions so that you can play for a while without getting a lot of repeat questions.

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