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Word Warfare

25 Dec 2013

Word Warfare game review

Word Warfare is a fun word game that people of all ages can enjoy.

Through a memorization technique called a mnemonic link system, Word Warfare effectively teaches you hundreds of words quickly, making it ideal for those studying for important tests like the SAT or GRE, or for anyone who wants to increase his or her vocabulary.

Rather than memorize tedious word lists, Word Warfare allows the player to learn words simply through playing fun games.

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Word Warfare screenshots

These games are based on matching synonyms to a word at the bottom of the screen; learning words like this is incredibly effective because the game teaches you to associates chains of words together. The app contains three different modes: Synonym Farmer, Synonym Protector, and a normal vocabulary list.

The game also has a timed and untimed (survival) mode. In Synonym Farmer, you must match up falling words to their synonym at the bottom of the screen. In Synonym Protector (available only in full version), you must guide a rocket with your finger to destroy falling words that are synonyms of the word at the bottom of the screen.

Match up several words correctly in a row to earn crazy streak bonuses, and pick up valuable power-ups to send your score skyrocketing! As the games progress, more words fall. Practice matching words in these upper-levels to test the limits of your knowledge and brain.

Keep track of your progress with the built in high-scores tracker. The app also contains a flashcards system if you want to study vocabulary in a traditional manner. This system has advanced search features and text to speech capabilities, making it absolutely necessary for anyone who wants a strong vocabulary.

Every word in the game has been handpicked from thousands of difficult words that often appear on high-stakes tests like the SAT and GRE, so be sure to learn these words thoroughly if you want very high scores on these exams!. With a smooth and elegant user interface, beautiful graphics, music, and sound, why wouldn't you download this game?





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