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Words Builder

05 Jan 2014

Words Builder game review

Words Builder is a logical game for those who likes puzzles with words searching and games like Jewels at the same time.

The game is played on a 6x7 board of letter tiles. The goal of the game is to build a maximum number of words from any adjoining letters, including diagonals, in a certain time. Unlike others word-finding puzzles each step of this game consists of two stages.

At the first stage you can swap (up to three times) letters that are adjacent horizontally or vertically. At the second one you can build words from available letters.

Words Builder::By Vadym Khokhlov Words Builder::By Vadym Khokhlov Words Builder::By Vadym Khokhlov Words Builder::By Vadym Khokhlov Words Builder::By Vadym Khokhlov

Words Builder screenshots

So, this feature encourages players to think multiple steps ahead as they swap letters and anticipate how the new board will look like for future turns. To swap letters just tap on the first letter and then on the second one.

In the word-building process letters can be selected in one of two ways. Firstly, you can stroke a path across the board and the word will be automatically submitted at the end of the stroke. Secondly, you can tap one letter after another and submit the word by tapping on the "Submit" button.

Switching from the first to the second stage is automatic after three swaps or through self-switching. Depending on the settings, switching from the selection stage to the swap stage will be performed automatically after the word has been submitted, or you can manually tap on the "Mode" button to switch between stages.

In the second case you can submit several words before switching to the swap stage. Initially you have 3 minutes to form words. For each correctly formed word, you will get extra time. The longer the word, the more seconds you will get.

So, the game may take a long time, more than you expect. If you made only 1 or 2 swaps and submitted a word of more than 3 letters, 2 or 1 seconds will be added to your time respectively. So, use your swaps wisely.

If you fail to build any words, you can refresh all the letters at any time, although losing 10 seconds of your time. So, use this feature only as the last resort. Your score is shown in the top right corner of the screen, and your remaining time is shown in the top left corner of the screen and also appears as a bar under the time and score indicators.

Submitting a valid word gives you score points and a bonus to your remaining time. The time bonus and the points depends on the used letters and the word length. Words may be between 2 and 10 letters long.

At the end of the game you can submit your result to Scoreloop or share it via social networks, for example, Twitter or Facebook. The game has a pretty good graphics and themes support. Currently, two themes are available: "Parrot" and "Wood".

The "Parrot" theme features the letter tiles in many different colors, while the "Wood" theme is more calm and neutral. It contains letter tiles with wooden textures. The game also has some nice sound effects.

In the settings of the game you can select a language for words (currently, English and Russian are supported), theme, disable/enable sound effects and vibration.

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