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Yolo Rush Game

29 Jul 2016

Yolo Rush Game

Yolo Rush may have a solid straightforward color-matching mechanic at its core, but it combines it with an elemental-esque combat system, in-game powerups, online multiplayer, an RPG leveling-up system, and a cast of belligerent cartoon animals. Its fun gameplay and slapstick humor makes Yolo Rush a welcome relief in a forest of monotonous wannabes.


Yolo Rush Game ::By Ingenious Creations Ltd - Switch Color - 4 Pics 1 Word Yolo Rush Game ::By Ingenious Creations Ltd - Switch Color - 4 Pics 1 Word Yolo Rush Game ::By Ingenious Creations Ltd - Switch Color - 4 Pics 1 Word

Yolo Rush Game Screenshots

The game plays out with your standard match 3 gameplay in the bottom half of your screen, with cartoon violence happening on the top. The Puzzle gameplay itself is pretty standard; match 3 of the same colored gems together to land an attack. Match 4 or more for special explosive gems, which destroys entire blocks and deals even more attack damage. As you match as many combos as you can, you will also activate a “Fever Mode”, which eliminates every gem within a one-space radius of every combo.

Featuring a one-on-one battle system, your barnyard animal frantically assaults your opponent’s as you match the right gems together. Players can have teams of three fighters, and leverage one-shot power ups at the beginning of each round to their advantage. There’s a tactical rock-paper-scissor system going on, where some character types are stronger or weaker compared to others.

Although you start off with one “Pocket Hero”, you’ll be able to collect a wide variety of wild animal brawlers as you progress in the game. You’ll be able to get a random gladiator through a Gacha. In addition to their zoological demeanor, they’re also differentiated by star ranking classification, where 1 star is the weakest and 5 stars is the strongest. Combatants can evolve and get stronger by leveling up through battles, equipping them with items, or by fusing them with dinkier characters.

Yolo Rush also boasts an online multiplayer player vs player mode. You can tackle other players’ team of fighting misfits with an automatic match making mode, where you’ll be paired against players of similar level. Alongside the PvP, there’s also a PvEmode that allows you to battle evil heroes and bosses in


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