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Youda Survivor

28 Jan 2014

Youda Survivor game review

In this game, you’ll play Youda, who has been washed up on the coast of a remote island. To stay alive, you’ll have to convince the natives of the island that you are their best hope against some crafty pirates.

To do this, you’ll have to find mystical objects with magic powers, learn various rituals to manipulate the weather, and use machines all in the pursuit of your quest.

You can boil strong magical potions to empower you, and zip through levels as fast as possible to achieve gold medals. You have to show that you have the right stuff to survive and thrive under the toughest of conditions.

Youda Survivor::by G5 Entertainment Youda Survivor::by G5 Entertainment Youda Survivor::by G5 Entertainment Youda Survivor::by G5 Entertainment Youda Survivor::by G5 Entertainment

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Youda Survivor has a simple but addictive premise and nature that has two main elements. You have to travel around the island and unlock new technology and objects that help you to reach specific goals (like a beat-the-clock task), and you also have to collect eggs, beat up pirates, make potions and fend off lobsters (yes, really).

You’ll see a beach with some water-filled holes, and some birds that fly onto the beach, drink the water and lay eggs. You have to pick up these eggs – a real no-brainer, eh? For the first few levels, maybe; as you level up, more tasks will be added to your to-do list and before you know it you’ll be juggling a multitude of little jobs. You’ll have to make it rain to fill up the holes, dig new holes, collect eggs, cook them and grind them up with coconuts to make potions. You have a Man Friday – a native who cooks for you and keeps you hydrated and healthy. Another tribe member gets lobsters for you, and with your helpers and your tasks you are so engrossed by the game that you’ll find it hard to put down.

To start with, your goals are simple, for example you’ll have to collect a set number of eggs in a two-minute period. You have to attract seagulls to your pools so that they lay eggs there. To attract them you have to keep your pools topped up by digging them in specific areas or performing a rain dance.

Further on in the game you’ll need to do more than just collect eggs, you’ll have to turn them into hard-boiled egg powder to make potions. Not only is the clock against you in Youda Survivor, but so are the crustaceans, the pirates and dehydration. If you get too thirsty, you’ll faint.

The first ten levels were a breeze, and I walked through them, earning gold medals for finishing early. However, once the other factors like maintaining hydration are in the mix, things get more difficult and become a challenging micromanagement juggling act.

This challenge means that Youda Survivor is a fun game that’ll keep you coming back to the island, and the lobsters, and the pirates.

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