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Zoo Tower

08 Nov 2013

Zoo Tower game review

Have you ever had a really crazy, out of this world, utter nonsense kind of dream? One of those in which you’re walking down the street and the houses are made of marshmallow, and you’re married to the mayor from The Nightmare Before Christmas, who keeps flipping his head around to his worried face when you threaten to eat all the houses in town? No? Just me then?

Well, you might not be prone to delusions like that, but it seems the creator of Zoo Tower is, and he’s decided to share one of his crazy ideas with us all.

Zoo Tower is a game which consists of an image of a field, with nice big blue sky and a cute little tree in the corner. So far it all sounds normal, but not for long.

So your objective as the player is to use your ginormous chopsticks to grab a little animal that is floating in the sky and then carefully place the animals on top of each other to form a tower (go ahead and read again if you have to confirm what I just said).

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Zoo Tower screenshots

It’s bizarre, right? Whoever came up with this concept was either having a really good or really bad creativity day. Nonetheless, the result is a fun and really cute game that tests your steady hand and your knowledge of animals.

That’s because each animal weighs a different amount of kilos, so if you pile, say, a hippo on top of a zebra, it is very likely to come crashing down, seen as the zebra can’t carry its weight.

You’re given 20 animals to pile up, which range from the more petite lions, zebras and leopards to the massive rhinos, elephants and (pink!) hippos. When you release the animal you’re carrying in your chopsticks, it’ll flash you a great big smile, which looks a bit odd as it topples over and lands on its head, but still cute.

Once you’ve used your 20 animals, the game is over and you can then check the achievements tab to see how you rank against other players. Your points depend on how high up your tower stretches. You can then go back to your tower, press the erase button and start all over again, for hours on end!

Even if you don’t qualify as number one in the ranking, you can still take a picture of your tower by pressing the camera button and share it with your friends, who will probably say ‘oooh…aaaah’ while wondering why you’re posting pictures of a tower of jungle animals onto Facebook.

Eventually, they’ll come to the conclusion that you must’ve completely lost your marbles, but you won’t care, as you’ll be busy with huge chopsticks and smiling pink hippos.

All craziness aside, this little app is an absolute gem, with a really great concept and game play. For those quirky types out there who enjoy games that put together elements to make completely surreal combinations, you should really try the Zoo Tower Android app, free from the Play Store.


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