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Dog Sweetie game review

Dog Sweetie – what comes to your mind when you read this name in the games section of your app store? What kind of game it is? Is it good? What’s the concept? How are the graphics?

Should you spend your time trying this game? Should you really download it and start playing? With all those questions haunting my mind, I read the description of the Dog Sweetie which promised me an awesome dog raising experience.

Azorian Kings Strategy Game game review

Azorian Kings is a a collectible card game that uniquely blends tactical strategy and RPG, and displays stunning art with eye-candy graphics.

The game offers quick-fire combat and also allows you to customize your hero. To attack your opponent and win the game, you need careful and strategic planning.


Mini Motor Racing game review

For the last two decades arcade racing games have been the staple diet of the gaming market. They come in the format of short tracks, the ability to have speed increased bonuses and adrenaline enhanced races which are hard to recreate in the classic style of race game.

The aim of the game like most racing games is to win and be the first to cross the finish line. The better place you come in the race then the more money you will accumulate.

Chocolat game review

Can’t have enough of chocolates and sweet goodies?

Looking for a delicious game for your Android tablet that can have you entertained all day? Chocolat is a mouth-watering, visually attractive game that will surely satiate your cravings. In this game, you’re going to work in a chocolate factory teeming with freshly baked, out-of-the-oven chocolate pieces.


Putter King Adventure Golf game review

The developer of this miniature golf app says that the graphics are high definition, and they’re not exaggerating. Putter King claims to test the player’s imagination and creativity while putting their golf skills through their paces in some exotic golf courses all over the world.

Each hole will present you with a variety of obstacles that will stretch your reasoning and technique to their limits. The game has 24 wacky golf holes across three courses, and all the holes are in 3D.

Anagram Hero Best word puzzle game review

Anagram Hero is a highly addictive and challenging word game that will put your vocabulary to a test in an exciting way.

The goal of the game is to form as many words as possible from the set of seven letters shown on the screen. You can come up with a variety of letter combinations to spell the best words possible.


KungFu Warrior game review

So, a beat-em-up game where you get to be just like Bruce Lee? That alone would be enough to draw in the punters to KungFu Warrior, so it’s a real bonus to find loads of in-game content and classy gameplay once you’ve got past the glitzy premise.

Your combat controls are based on three virtual buttons – one for weaker attacks, one for a stronger onslaught and one for blocking your opponent. The blocking button also serves as a jump button if you use it when you’re jumping to the left or right.

City of Splendors game review

City of Splendors is a fully interactive multiplayer game with amazingly stunning 3D graphics and animation, and a fantastic storyline.

It’s a 3D, online cross-platform strategy game that combines the gameplay of various fantasy games and offers a challenging wartime campaign in a creative illusionary world teeming with myths and legends. In this epic game, developing the best strategy is the key to win.


Photo Studio PRO game review

Photo Studio for Android is designed for both amateur and professional photographers who want to make use of great photography application.

This is an application that has made photo an amazing and fun to use. The application would give a photographer that advantage of making a photo an exceptional outlook.

Glyph game review

Glyph, a puzzle game that is similar to Popcap’s Alchemy, is a quick, fun and addictively engaging game that can keep you fully entertained for hours.

The game challenges your mental creativity and capacity to form a variety of shape and color combinations. Essentially, what you have to do is clear every spot on the grid by putting a glyph that should match the shape and color of those surrounding it.


Genius Multiplayer game review

Genius Multiplayer is a fast-paced and highly engaging reaction game that challenges your knowledge on general information, math and perception.

The mechanism of the game is quite simple: You just have to press the wide rectangular box at the bottom if you think the question displayed on the screen shows the correct answer. There are different categories involved.

Me Mnemonic game review

Me Mnemonic is an easy yet addictive game that tests your memory in a peculiarly interesting way.

In this game, you have to run as quickly as you can throughout the house to gather every pair of items scattered all over the rooms. It requires a fairly sharp memory as you have to find the right pairs.


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