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Moto Mobile 2012 PRO GAME game review

This is a proper boy app.

Some girls might like it too, but its colour palette (red, black and white), theme and gameplay are entirely aimed at the boys and men out there who enjoy racing apps. Not just any old racing app, however. One with fast motorcycles and super-challenging gameplay that will turn your world, literally, upside down. If this tickles your fancy, read on and then, more importantly, download the app!

Surfing Girl game review

Aaah, summertime.

Summer is the best season of the year, if you ask me. It’s nothing but long holidays at the beach, lounging on deck chairs and soaking up the rays. It’s bikinis, beach parties, luaus, foreign countries, tans and, OK, even the odd sunburn. But even that is worth the trouble, as long as you enjoy your summer to the fullest. One of the best ways to enjoy the summertime is by learning how to surf.


Stupid Zombies game review

Stupid Zombies is a delirious mix of Angry Birds with a shoot ‘em up game. Developer Game Resort has combined the two genres really well, and although bullet ricochet games aren’t uncommon, few are as good as this one.

You start off the game as the sole survivor of the often touted zombie apocalypse (or so it seems – the premise isn’t really made obvious), and you need to get rid of all the zombies.

Nation Flag Logo Quiz game review

National Flag Logo Quiz is the really great new release from the developers Puzzle Quiz Games.

The content of the game is exactly as it says in the title. This is a great new game which is based upon the numerous different flags used by countries around the world. If you like puzzling quiz games and feel that you are quite knowledgeable in this genre of game then it is certainly worth a try.


Spiderman game review

I’ve always been a bit dubious about games based on comic books and movie franchises, as they can be a bit hit and miss. I feel, therefore, that my caution towards Spider-Man: Total Mayhem was warranted.

The combat system in this game works well, although you do feel as if you’re really mashing the controls a bit at some points. It’s still fun to watch Spidey do his thing with his punches and webs, though.

Football Logo Quiz Plus game review

Football Logo Quiz Plus is a very addictive and fun quiz game that you can play from anywhere in the world thanks to your mobile Android device.

In Football Logo Quiz Plus, the premise of the game is quite simple, as you are shown logos from the world's best football teams and asked to identify them.


Word Tower game review

Word Tower is a well-designed and well-executed word game for Android.  You have grids of squares that are 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 or 6x6, depending upon your fancy at the time. 

There’s one letter places in each row and you have to find a word that fits around each letter. To win games and progress you have to clear letter squares by making new words as more letters fall down from the top. 

Logo Quiz Fun Plus game review

Logo Quiz is a fun and addictive quiz game that you can play on the go with your Android device.

In Logo Quiz, you are given recognizable and tricky logos from the world's most well-known companies and brands and asked to guess them. The tricky part is that just the symbols are given, and you may often see one and think, “I know that looks familiar!” without being able to guess what it is.


Xelorians Demo - Space Shooter game review

Xelorians is an action-packed shooter that brings the top-down scrolling classic gameplay of games like 1942, 1943, and Tyrian to Android devices.

In Xelorians, you play as a pilot helming a hybrid spacecraft that is designed to help resist and prevent the imminent attack on Earth by the Xelorians, an alien species that mankind first came into contact with in 2037.

Escape From Creepy Lab game review

Escape from Creepy Lab is an adventure game for Android mobile devices that all kinds of players will enjoy.

In Escape from Creepy Lab, your worst nightmares are confirmed. You wake up in a mysterious and creepy laboratory, where a crazy scientist has placed you so that he can run terrible experiments on you as you remain helpless.


Quadratum game review

Quadratum is a fast paced puzzle game.

The goal of this game is to collect the highest number of squares in your color. To do that you have to select a color which is next to your current set of blocks. At the end of the game the person with the largest number of squares wins. This is a puzzle game, so you have to pay close attention and choose the right color to maximize the number of squares you occupy.

Riddle me that game review

You must have played riddle games once upon a time in your life. And you have been intrigued on how the game takes your imaginative power to guess the answers to some of the riddles you were not able to provide.

These days, it may seem that this game has gone to extinction. Far from it, if you have an iPhone, this game is back for you to enjoy. Have you heard of Riddle Me That? This is the game that would get you playing for hour’s non-stop because it is simple and yet complex to test your ability to break riddles.


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