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Voice PRO game review

Being an aspiring musician, I have always loved to edit my music clips and add certain effects to them.

Since a very long time, I have been using many types of software to get this work done. Voice Pro is an amazing app to add any type of real audio effects. When I heard about this app, I wasn’t convinced at all since I had been using my desktop for all this work forever.

Photo Studio PRO game review

Photo Studio for Android is designed for both amateur and professional photographers who want to make use of great photography application.

This is an application that has made photo an amazing and fun to use. The application would give a photographer that advantage of making a photo an exceptional outlook.


Glyph game review

Glyph, a puzzle game that is similar to Popcap’s Alchemy, is a quick, fun and addictively engaging game that can keep you fully entertained for hours.

The game challenges your mental creativity and capacity to form a variety of shape and color combinations. Essentially, what you have to do is clear every spot on the grid by putting a glyph that should match the shape and color of those surrounding it.

Genius Multiplayer game review

Genius Multiplayer is a fast-paced and highly engaging reaction game that challenges your knowledge on general information, math and perception.

The mechanism of the game is quite simple: You just have to press the wide rectangular box at the bottom if you think the question displayed on the screen shows the correct answer. There are different categories involved.


Me Mnemonic game review

Me Mnemonic is an easy yet addictive game that tests your memory in a peculiarly interesting way.

In this game, you have to run as quickly as you can throughout the house to gather every pair of items scattered all over the rooms. It requires a fairly sharp memory as you have to find the right pairs.

Train Conductor 2 USA game review

Train Conductor 2 sounds simple, with a very basic objective – to get a number of trains from one side of the screen to the other. The game revisits the path drawing genre which had you connecting train tracks to get trains home safely.

The trains start from both the left side of the screen and the right, and you have to lay down the tracks in order for them to reach their destinations safely without any collisions.


Paint FX Photo Effects Editor game review

Lately I have been noticing my friends posting lots of images on Facebook using Instagram, and I have to say those images look pretty good.

The one issue I have though, with Instagram is that you can only apply one photo filter at a time. This bothered me because I like to edit my photos and images, tweak them and apply more than one effect per image.

Locus Pro game review

Where are you and where are you going?

Haven’t you heard this question a million times from worried parents, relatives and teachers who seem to want you to have a plan laid out and ready for the rest of your life? You may already have some idea of what you’d like to do with it. For me, I dream and plan on travelling the world, seeing as much of it as I possibly can before my time comes.


Shark Dash game review

Shark Dash consists of everything typical of the traditional romance story. The main character featured within the game is a play shark who is sharing a lovely swim with his sweetheart.

Unbeknown to these two love birds, some terrible rubber ducks are plotting to ruin their romance. They dive into the tub and capture the hero whilst the other ducks kidnap his girlfriend leaving him absolutely devastated.

Sex Speed Score International game review

At first glance of this app tittle one might think what a strange phone app. I am here to tell you the sex speed and score app is awesome. This great tool will tell you how your sex performance measures up against others across the globe.

I know what you saying, Why would you want or need to know? My answer is because your curious . Whether it is for curiosity or an medical issue we all want to know right?


Mail1Click - Secure Mail game review

As one who worries a lot about the safety and security of using the internet, I make sure that I take adequate caution and care before downloading an app and seldom access my personal accounts in a public net café.

This being said, I don’t use the typical gmail and yahoo app that comes with any Android or iPhone nowadays. Now that you know something about my lifestyle, you must understand the level of security the mail1click provides when I recommend it.

Super Bit Dash game review

Super Bit Dash in a nifty 8-bit game in which you have to swipe and dash around retro-styled stages, but in a very new way. The aim of the game is simple – you have to get across an auto-scrolling course littered with pits and spikes to name but two dangers.

Each level of Super Bit Dash are just as unique as the game play, as tiny rooms and spaces are rapidly and randomly assembled and pieced together which keeps the game moving and new.


Youda Survivor game review

In this game, you’ll play Youda, who has been washed up on the coast of a remote island. To stay alive, you’ll have to convince the natives of the island that you are their best hope against some crafty pirates.

To do this, you’ll have to find mystical objects with magic powers, learn various rituals to manipulate the weather, and use machines all in the pursuit of your quest.

Super KO Boxing 2 game review

Glu Mobile’s Super KO Boxing 2 for the iPhone is one of the most polished and eminently playable boxing games out there. It has some brilliant cartoon-style graphics that grab you straight away and draw you into the action.

The game has three modes of play, Circuit, Versus and Challenge. During Circuit, you’ll meet the most fearsome opponents as you slug your way to the world title.


Tank Riders game review

Polarbit Games’ Tank Riders is a good old fashioned top-down tank shoot ‘em up with a dash of strategy to keep it interesting.You won’t be zipping around in a souped-up sports car, though.

As you may have gathered from the title, you’re in a tank, trundling around blowing up other tanks. Simple, eh? Your tank may lumber, but you can move around the maps in each level by using special teleporters.

Samurai II Vengeance game review

Way of the Warrior has finally arrived on iPhone and iPad! While the original got rave reviews for its stylized manga graphics and quick, bloody gameplay, Samurai II delivers even more action and an intuitive new control scheme.

Unlike the first Samurai title, this game implements the touch and swipe controls are actually substituted with a way more common virtual joystick and action button system and gamers can mix quick and tough strikes to repeat the ferocious combos.


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