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Flower Pairs game review

Memory is a skill we all use every day and the stronger the better.

There are several different types of memory: "Working memory" processes information over a span of about 15 seconds, "short-term memory" retains information for up to about 60 seconds and "long-term memory" stores information indefinitely. Memory games make it easy for kids to improve their short-term memory and speed recognition skills.

Preferans game review

Preferans is a highly intellectual trick taking card game.

While there are many known variations of Preferans our application supports three most popular flavours. The game is played by 3 players with 32-card traditional deck from sevens to aces. Player scores are kept on a score board called the pool. The game purpose is to maximize your own score leaving the other 2 player scores as low as possible.


Isopod game review

Xylem and Phloem LLC, is proud to announce "Isopod: The Roly Poly Science Game".

This truly unique app is best described as an integrated synthesis between arcade-quality gameplay and scientific encyclopedia, with the intention of inspiring a fascination with insects and their relationship to a variety of life science subjects. This full version has the levels available depending upon completion.

Words Builder game review

Words Builder is a logical game for those who likes puzzles with words searching and games like Jewels at the same time.

The game is played on a 6x7 board of letter tiles. The goal of the game is to build a maximum number of words from any adjoining letters, including diagonals, in a certain time. Unlike others word-finding puzzles each step of this game consists of two stages.


Artist's Eye game review

Drawing is a form of visual expression and is one of the major forms within the visual arts.

There are several categories of drawing, including figure drawing, cartooning, doodling and shading. There are also many drawing methods, such as line drawing, stippling, shading and tracing (drawing on a translucent paper, such as tracing paper, around the outline of pre-existing shapes that show through the paper).

YourTurn Soccer game review

YourTurn Soccer is a breath of fresh air on Android games scene.

It delivers an immersive tactical game experience that will grab you and make you come back to play more and more. It features a real time turn based multiplayer game, something that is rather rare in the mobile scene; most of the mobile multiplayer games that one can find these days are asynchronous multiplayer games.


Pledruzzow Free - Word Puzzle game review

Pledruzzow is a game out of the Brain & Puzzle genre; the name is derived from the phrase ‘word puzzle’. The premise of this game is simple, arrange given letters to make words horizontally that are also words vertically.

Game play is easy with simple and pleasant graphics and accompanying sounds that can be turned off. This game features two play modes, Regular & Extreme. There are 6 game layouts to choose from.

PacRat game review

PacRat is a maze game like your old arcade favourite, PacMan.

Roger the Rat is a natural born thief and he likes cheese! When the local merchant in Roger's village locks up all the cheese in his warehouse down by the docks, it's up to Roger to grab up all that cheese and avoid the cats and nasty traps. Will Roger's family starve? or will you help him foil that mean old merchant!


Diamond Find game review

You've developed a nasty addiction without even realizing it - you want diamonds, more than anything else in the world! Diamond Find is the ultimate addiction simulator and speed-reading trainer.

The massive branching story flashes past your eyes, starting slow, but as you progress and find more diamonds, the words speed up, putting you in a hypnotic diamond trance and intensifying the craving for that next glittering fix.

Jump Shot game review

Jump Shot is a platforming game that uses your device’s accelerometer to control the direction of your character.

In Jump Shot you will begin at a start point near the bottom of the screen and you’ll need to keep jumping from platform to platform to stay above the bottom of the screen which the level will progressively move towards. If you’ve played Doodle Jump then you’ll notice the similarities right away.


Catch The Escapee game review

Catch The Escapee is a challenging puzzle game that everybody can enjoy and play independently of age.

It does not contain violence, blood or any terrifying thing. It has been designed and developed for making fun and pass the time. The game aim is to prevent the blue enemy in its escape. It always wants to reach the closest wall on the field what have deeper color all around the screen.

Biniax-2 game review

Biniax-2 is a game suitable for everyone.

Its gameplay combines tactics and reaction. It's also one of those rare games today, which is not homage of existing puzzler from the 80-ties or 90-ties (like Tetris, Lines). The game is easy and has obvious rules, which doesn't require training sessions or manuals – you just move around a field and you can eliminate every pair you touch, if it contains your current element.


Logo Quiz Ultimate game review

Do you like quizzes? One of the best quiz games is the one with visual quizzes which means you would be shown a picture and you would have to guess the answer accordingly.

Logo Quiz Ultimate is something which takes this game to a higher level. Not only you can check your general knowledge but you can increase your knowledge about logos through such a game.

Happy Chick Adventures game review

Happy Chick Adventures is a classic left to right Platform game designed to cater for all ages.

The overall strategy, design and crisp graphics will most certainly appeal to children & adults. The primary focus is on sheer ‘playability’ and not to too much by way of story lines providing an arcade style, much like the old classics.


Word Warfare game review

Word Warfare is a fun word game that people of all ages can enjoy.

Through a memorization technique called a mnemonic link system, Word Warfare effectively teaches you hundreds of words quickly, making it ideal for those studying for important tests like the SAT or GRE, or for anyone who wants to increase his or her vocabulary.

 Wooords bez rijeci igra game review

Wooords, as the name says, is a word game.

The triple "o" refers to falling letters, and that's how the game works. In this game, an original mix between Ruzzle and Tetris, you have to compose words from a set of tiles with letters that are falling from above. Words are then validated on one of seven different dictionaries (English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Roman, Spanish).


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