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Block Basher Full game review

Block Basher is a 3D physics puzzle game set in a paper cardboard world.

Each level has blocks arrange in structures with specific color blocks scattered around the structures. The object of this game is to knock down the colored blocks with a ball in the least amount of throws possible. Depending on how many throws the user takes; they will receive a gold, silver, or bronze medal.

AppDads Coloring Expansion game review

AppDads Coloring Expansion is a powerful and customizable paint program for kids.

What makes the app unique is its ability to search for other coloring pages online and download them into the app. It is fully integrated and will allow your child to color their favorite characters from a TV show. As your child ages and his or her interest in characters change, the app changes along with them.


100 Numbers game review

Put your inner math ability to the test with 100 Numbers, the free app for Android.

You may think that math is dull, but this game is like a magic pill that makes math the most exciting adventure ever. It is a simple enough goal. All you have to do is fill the board with numbers from 1 to 100. Your secret problem solver personality will crop up and make sure you nail it.

Hamster Chase game review

Hamster Chase is the story of four cute cartoon hamsters in their hamster balls trying to make their way home while avoiding the evil cat Sour Puss.

Players help the hamster get home by using the accelerometer to guide the hamster balls around obstacles and onto seed piles where hamsters enjoy their favorite meals.


N.E.R.D.S. game review

When I say Nerds, what do you remember?

I am sure the first image that crosses your mind is a boy /girl with the big eyeglasses sitting on the first row in the class and surely they are top 1 in the math courses!!!!!Ok! Listen carefully; this image will be totally changed after you download NERDS. NERDS will be now associated with, cool, fun stuff...

Funny Top Cat game review

Sometimes it’s the simplest games that wind up being the most fun.

Funny Top Cat - this new flying arcade simulation game takes the previous classic games you've seen before to a whole new "extreme" level. This app is compatible both with iOS and Android platforms, so every smartphone user can install it and enjoy for free.


Micro Racing - arcade cars challenge game review

Getting bored at a meeting or in a queue?

Micro Racing is a free game that will keep you excited in every moment! Turn the key, hear the roar of the car`s engine and start a fascinating race, with elements of drifting. Five cars to choose from where each car has it’s own upgrades, four different tracks and a bunch of powerups will keep you excited all the way. Be warned – the game is addictive!

Calendar Snooze game review

This world is full of people who seem to do everything at once, putting their hard work and sweat into every task they take upon themselves. And then there’s that other group of people: Procrastinators.

They commit to a lot but stick to only a few tasks at a time. They advocate the ‘come on, just 5 more minutes’ argument with vigour and get upset when there’s no more time left to procrastinate.


EasyPPT game review

EasyPPT is a modern remote PowerPoint (PPT) easy to use, sharing, which allows you to download presentation files from your PC onto your phone.

Once the files are loaded onto your phone you can either edit them or display them on any other screen while controlling it entirely from within the application. The user friendly interface is a plus above its presentation manipulation capabilities.

GreenPower free battery saver game review

GreenPower Battery Saver is the latest release from the developers Binary Mango As.

This app does exactly what the name says it does which is to help save your battery allowing the user to get a lot more use and life out their battery. Straight away I could see the potential and benefits of this app. Saving the life of a battery will be a huge help in so many areas.


Music Ride game review

Racing and pumping to the tunes along a 3D race track, created by the rhythms of the music itself, this is realtime racing if I have ever seen it.

A new free app on the Google Play store is now available, and it is called Music Ride. Music Ride is a good name for this application because at it's core, it is a fast paced racing game where the racing track is created by the different beats in the music.

Rising Empires game review

Do you want to play an extremely different and interesting strategy game? Well, this was what I had been seeking for when I came across Rising Empires.

This is a brain cum puzzle game which has been set up in a fantasy world where four races are fighting for the control. These four clans are trying to take control over the land which is on Surface and the land in the Netherworld.


Mystery Castle HD - Episode 2 game review

Did you enjoy playing Mystery Castel HD – Episode 1? I bet you did. Even if you missed out the previous episode of this fun filled adventurous game, you don’t need to worry since there is a better version with double amount of fun and adventure now available on Google Play.

Mystery Castle HD – Episode 2 (Frozen Citadel) is what I am talking about. Monty the wizard needs your help once again for he has tumbled into another adventure where he needs to investigate the mysterious ice citadel.

Bike Extreme Free game review

Get ready for some fun filled, Android app excitement!

I just got this new game called BikeExtreme, a really fun game, with excellent graphics. The game is a motorcycle racing game, where you are riding and off-road motorcycle through an urban area. The game is free on the Google Play store. So let's take a walk through, and see how this game actually performs.


Ninja Volley 2013 game review

There are a lot of Ninja games out there for the iPhone and iPad.

The games that have a Ninja theme are normally the jump, kick and punch kind of game. But now, there is a new game on the Google Play store and it is something entirely fresh. I am talking about Ninja Volley, a terrific 2D side scroller with a few new twists, and unique gameplay.

I Need A Hero game review

Minsk, Belarus based Mad Hat Games today announced the release of the first version of I Need A Hero for Android.

This whimsically addicting mobile gaming romp gives players access to the best of their favorite gaming genres, blending ‘Match Three’ themed arcade fun with a Role Playing experience unlike anything they’ve ever encountered.


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