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AppSales Best Apps on Sale game review

Being frugal is a necessity these days. With the economy going haywire and pessimism all around, all we can do is save our little pennies and hope for a brighter tomorrow. But, while we wait, we also want to have some fun, right?

Well, look no further than the AppSales Android app, free from the Play Store. This app is very simple: download it, open it up and it’ll give you the latest sales on Android applications in your country (not yet available in all countries), and that’s it.

Playrock beta game review

One of the things that are truly great about the future of mobile technologies is the ability for new and creative app designers to take advantage of all these new technological features on mobile devices to make new and innovative applications.



PES 2012 game review

Pro Evolution Soccer is a soccer game, and has some brilliant graphics. The players have been really well designed and rendered, and it’s good to see decent sprites – rather than glorifies stick men – running around a pitch.

The game modes in PES 2013 speak for themselves - you punt your virtual ball through a rich variety of leagues and championships, satisfying your love of football as you go. This game plays as well as its predecessor, with fluid action across large pitches.

Fly Kite game review

It’s always that same dilemma. Those in the northern hemisphere, who are now supposed to be basking in the summer sun, are instead mostly wet and dreary. No sunshine to speak of, no endless sky of a piercing blue, no visions of sugarplums, so on.

Before you begin to break down into frenzy, throw on your swimsuit and run out into the snow screaming like a mad person, try downloading the free Fly Kite Android app at the Play Store and just relax, for sunshine is here!


Alien Assault Tower Defense game review

I’m a big fan of shooting games and if it involves the outer space, I’m all for it! I saw plenty of my friends playing with the Alien Assault Tower Defense TD Game and though I’d give it a try.

The game is set in space, in the year 2248, when the earth is under attack. By whom? The aliens, of course, are always hostile. The aliens are animated well and the missile shooting is also well designed.

Smart IR Remote - Samsung HTC game review

I remember the times when I used to turn the whole house upside down in the search for the Television remote control. But not anymore, with the Smart IR remote control, I can control just about any electronic device with the help of just one universal remote control, my smart phone.

It is ‘one’ remote with multiple controls to multiple devices and with a range of options too!


Mystery Castle HD game review

Mystery Castle is an award winning game common for mobile phones, which hit the market around 8 years ago in 2005. This series consists of Monty the wizard who goes on a number of adventures and quests.

It is basically designed as a puzzle in the alternate dimension filled with traps, magical creatures, spells and other hurdles which the main character of the game has to overcome.

Live Wallpaper Photo Sketch game review

Photo Sketch is a useful app for getting free wallpapers for your phone.

Most smart phones do not come with a lot of wallpaper options to choose from. Some of the newer smart phones come with three or four themes to choose from which gives the user three or four background options.


Tracky GPS Navigation+ Compass game review

Tracky GPS Navigation+ solves many of the problems that your regular stock navigation apps have in that it allows you to know where you are even when you are off the beaten path.

For years, many active and adventurous people have wanted a GPS navigation program that allows them to have many of the features that Tracky GPS Navigation+ provides.

Clean Calendar Widget Pro game review

We all know that, the way our world is right now requires us to work longer and harder than ever before. Add to that the fact that many of us work two or three jobs, have children, homes to take care of, family commitments… you name it.

If your schedule is packed to the last available space or you want to organise your days more efficiently, then Clean Calendar Widget is just what you’re looking for.


Booster FREE Task Killer review

Booster is an app built to save battery life. And no, that’s no exaggeration. It is the answer to why your phone battery doesn’t last, shutting your precious line of communication with the outside world off when you need it the most.

O.K., that may be pushing it slightly, but the fact is that, with Booster, you (finally!) have everything you’d ever wanted to know about your phone’s sneaky activities in one simple, easy and well-designed FREE app, available at the Play Store.

Battery Watch game review

Picture this: You’re in a bus, stuck in miles of traffic, the weather is scorching hot and you’ve just downloaded that game you’ve been dying to play for ages. What a relief! At least you’ll have something fun to do while stuck in this bus full of sweaty people!

O.K., so you go ahead and start playing your game and it’s everything you’d hoped for and so much more! You’re really happy now, completely focused on your winning strategy to kill the zombies/green pigs/mutants etc.


DondeEsta game review

Nowadays, our mobile phones are our lifelines.

We use them for absolutely everything, from the obvious phone calls and text messages to engaging with friends in social media websites, as a camera, to read books, watch movies and play games. Among this myriad of choices, apps are becoming more and more complex, and it’s hard to find one that is straightforward, easy to use and, above all, truly useful.

apMemo - Quick Notes game review

There are so many instances in life that can be utterly boring, annoying and frustrating.

Like when you’re stuck in that bus for hours on end every morning, waiting for your doctor to call you into his office, sitting at a totally irrelevant 3-hour meeting at work, waiting for your boyfriend to pick you up when he’s hanging out with his friends. The list goes on and on.


Alarm Clock Expert game review

Alarm Clock Expert is a great alarm clock app to have.

This app is great because it offers features that most generic phone alarm clocks do not have. Most phone alarm clocks only allow you to set a time for the alarm and a generic alert type. Some also feature timers, but not all of them do. The Alarm Clock Expert app is so great because it offers an alarm feature and a relax feature.

aCar Pro Unlocker game review

Ever watched the MTV show ‘Cribs’? I’m sure that, if you liked this show, you found it thrilling to look around those humongous mansions with everything anyone could ever hope or dream to own.

You watched in amazement as they showed you room after room, tennis courts, indoor cinemas and swimming pools with waterfalls. And then there were the cars!


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