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UniScan by IDScan.net game review

Have you ever tried to get into a bar or club when you were only 15?

Or tried to buy alcohol at that age? I’m sure you’ll remember how annoying it was to constantly have to prove your age just so you could have a little fun.

IcoMania - Guess The Icon game review

The bus ride from college to home can be very long and tiring. My phone had a full battery; so I decided to drain out the battery with a new app.

Ico Mania caught my eye as a rather cool looking app. The app downloaded quickly into my phone, because of its small size. The icon was cool looking and very attractive.


All Resort Search game review

All Resort Search is the latest release by the creator Deborah Newcomer.

This is great app for all potential travellers out there. As soon as I started to navigate my round this app I could immediately see how useful it could be. At first when I glanced at this app I could see that it was going to be useful for people planning on going abroad and trying to find a good resort to stay out.

AskFriends game review

Ever been in a situation where you were looking for an answer for a school assignment on Google and couldn’t find it? Of course, we all have at some point.

After having searched the encyclopaedia, Wikipedia and every other ‘pedia’ there is and coming up with nothing, I bet you went on to ask your mom, dad, siblings, grandpa and dog, but still came up with nothing, right?


Cryptica game review

Cryptica Lite is an ingenious puzzle game for Android operating systems that features plenty of content around its basic mechanic of moving blocks to specific squares.

In Cryptica Lite, you have a very simple premise to start from: you have blocks with different tribal-looking symbols on them, and you want to maneuver the blocks so that they are on top of the spaces that have the same symbols.

Temple Run game review

In Temple Runner, you play an Indiana Jones style explorer who is being chased through a temple by demon guardians. You’re always moving forward, and you have to guide him around the treacherous temple paths.

You’ve just “claimed” an ancient idol, and the guardians wake up and try to eat you, which is why you’re running. You’ll traverse the ruins of ancient temples, jump over burning statues and dive under the roots of huge trees.


Jekyll & Hyde Hidden Object game review

Ever dream of being a detective?

Whether you’re fascinated by the mystery surrounding the Sherlock Holmes character or you enjoy the more recent (and gruesome) C. S. I series, you know that being a detective requires great analytical skills, good eye for detail and, most importantly, not being easily scared. So are you up for the challenge? Then download the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde app today!

WikiTest (Trivia Quiz Game) game review

WikiTest (Trivia Quiz Game) is, as the name suggests, a trivia game.

Anyone can enjoy this game because there are all sorts of different topics for the questions. There are currently over five hundred questions available, so you can spend hours playing this game multiple days in a row. To get started all you have to do is click play and you can start a new game.


Glass Tower 3+ game review

In Glass Tower 3+, your goal is to break all of the game's blue blocks while preserving as many red blocks as you can.

This is difficult because the blocks are stacked on one another, and breaking some can lead to others falling and cracking realistically. You want to achieve the highest score that you can, and broke blue blocks add to your score, while broken red blocks subtract from it.

Dragon Kingdom (en) game review

Dragon Kingdom is an enchanting, addictive online strategy game that tasks you with succeeding in a world where flesh-eating dragons, greedy pirates, and fierce warriors fight to take what they want.

In this fun game, you get to play alongside others just like you as you strive to build your kingdom to be the best you can be.


Asphalt 6 game review

On iOs, Asphalt 5 was a vast improvement. Asphalt 6 Adrenaline is the best of this three versions in pretty much every aspect, gameplay, the different cars, the quality of the graphics, and definitelly the speed, which is significantly faster.

There are a lots of different cars to choose from. Carreer mode - you got different leagues, within every league you have variety of different races and variety of different tracks. In normal race you want to finish within top 3. 

Doptrix game review

When you first see Doptrix for Android you’ll think it’s just a remake of this classic Russian game Tetris, but it has one unique feature that makes it different. This game literally turns Tetris on its head.

Although Doptrix uses the same four-block shape moving premise as Tetris, it lets the player dictate the direction of play as they choose. It also lets players decide what angle and from which position a shape approaches the grid.


Black Sun Siege (Avatar Fortre game review

Black Sun Seige is the latest release by the creators Avatar Fortress Fight.

As soon as I began to navigate my way around this app I got a great sense of the Manga / Japanese genre. The graphics were very striking and full of energy with great use of colour. The characters are illustrated beautifully and were very true to the Japanese theme that this game successfully creates.

Logo Quiz Car game review

Do you think you know your automobile brands?

You may know their names, but can you identify those car brands from their vehicle logos? Time to test yourself, all you need is the Logo Quiz Car app developed by Logos Quiz Games, and is now available for free download from the Android Marketplace.


Zoo Tower game review

Have you ever had a really crazy, out of this world, utter nonsense kind of dream? One of those in which you’re walking down the street and the houses are made of marshmallow, and you’re married to the mayor from The Nightmare Before Christmas, who keeps flipping his head around to his worried face when you threaten to eat all the houses in town? No? Just me then?

2012 London Stars game review

2012 London Stars is a fast paced trivia game about the athletes competing in the 2012 London Olympics.

The goal of this game is to answer as many questions correctly as you can on each level. There are a total of ten levels in this game, and each level has five rounds. To pass each level and advance to the next level you have to meet a minimum score requirement.


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