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Basketball Dood game review

Are you a parent?

If the answer is yes, you know the amount of hard work and thought that needs to go into everything you do for your child. Having a child and raising it well requires a lot of sacrifices from both parents. Mothers suffer from the very beginning with pregnancy aches and pains and, of course, labour.

Lexathon™ word jumble game review

Lexathon is an innovative, diverting word game that you can play and enjoy on your Android device. Xandar Mob has just released new version of great word jumble game.

In Lexathon, you are given a simple task. Out of a 3x3 grid of letters (nine letters in all), you need to make as many words of four or more letters as you can, and as quickly as possible. However, the brilliant twist comes in how you must use the letters.


Poker Master Multiplayer game review

Poker Master Multiplayer is a very interesting and competitive online Texas Hold'em Poker game.

All I can say about it is that this is one of the best free games that I have played on my droid yet. You have to create your free account when you first download it and then you are “IN”. For beginners, who have never played poker, it takes through a tutorial, which makes a person understand the game fully.

Radiant Defense game review

Hexage have created here a wonderful bright vibrant Tower defence game which is a follow up to the original and well liked Radiant game. Radiant is an arcade firing game which influenced by some of the classics such as Space Invader.

The role of the player in this space game is to defend the glimmering spiral which is in the middle of a galaxy from the potential threat of the vibrantly coloured alien life form.


Gunman Clive game review

This game is typical in style of already popular and well known platform gamers. The graphics are very striking and have a certain resemblance to some games dating back four years ago.

Now having transferred over to iOS format, this game with its limited features is ideal for the scene it is set in, that of the American Wild West.  The content is quite simple and straight forward and the gadgets within the game are not overdone.

Sonic 4 Episode II game review

Sonic has returned in order to complete his adventure that began way back in 2010. This time however he has brought a friend which you may well remember. Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II continues on from episode I.

If you have played the first game, episode I, then episode II will be recognisable to you. Within the game there are four different worlds in which you have to adventure through, with each having three levels each.


Bug Smasher Challenge game review

I’ve always wondered about something: why is it that every girl out there (and some boys) hates any and all bugs and creepy crawlies that exist in the world today, except for ladybugs?

Is a ladybug not a bug after all? What is it about them? Is it because they are considered ‘socially acceptable’ for their appearance? Is it because they’re not poisonous?

Beer Pong game review

The actual game of Beer Pong is a must at frat/sorority parties everywhere. It consists of cups of beer and a ping pong ball. Throw the ball so that it lands into one of the cups. One down, nine more to go. That’s pretty much it. Now, it may sound easy and even a bit dull.

And it probably is… if you’re sober. See, what makes the real Beer Pong game so exhilarating (!) is the art of aiming at cups of beer while struggling to keep yourself standing straight.


Big Cat Race lite game review

Big Cat Race is a new genre of exclusive and challenging outdoor fitness app, with improved audio-visual capabilities and unlimited fun.

GenzPlay introduces a new genre of outdoor fitness apps for children, where they play the character in the game. It is an interactive cartoon game where the mode of play is running.

Lane Splitter game review

The game is a top-down arcade-style motorcycle game where you need to tilt your Android right and left to steer bike down a chaotic highway, keeping away from other cars or trucks along the route.

At the start of this racing game, you’ll from time to time need to avoid a vehicle here and there, however, as you drive more on the highway, the road traffic will grow so much that you’re frequently dodging numerous cars.


Invaders from far Space (full) game review

Have you ever noticed that life is in constant evolution?

Things that our great-grandparents used to do when they were children are reinvented and come back to entertain us time and again. Take, for instance, outer space. When your father was a child, he’d imagine monsters, aliens and spaceships while he ran around pretending to be a space cowboy torturing his poor friends, the aliens.

squids game review

Squids is a great game with a lot of visual appeal and intricate design that makes it stand out from the other App Store offerings of similar prices.

The game is based on a team of squids who are tasked with saving the oceans from the evil ooze that’s polluting and infecting all life in them. Each new level starts with a brief set of stills with dialogue that explains where you’re at in your mission.


4 Pics 1 Word What's The Word game review

There are a number of picture hunt games available on the Google Play store, you know the ones, where two pictures are displayed, and you need to spot the differences.

This is good for those of you who are eating your carrots religiously, but that kind of game does nothing for the cerebral types among us.

The School App game review

Everyone is going the ‘tech’ way these days so why the school children should lag behind? Yes, you are in school but that doesn’t mean you should keep your eyes shut towards the latest technologies in the market that can make your life simpler and easier.

One such technology is the latest app on the google play i.e. The School App. If you are a student, obviously you would be using a homework diary to pen down the daily tasks that you are required to do in school.


Block Puzzle game review

Block Puzzle is a puzzle game for Android devices that is very simple at its roots, but can really give you a fun challenge once you get used to it and try the more difficult puzzles.

The basic concept behind Block Puzzle is this: you have a large square or rectangle which you need to fill.

Majesty The Northern Expansion game review

Majesty: The Northern Expansion has a slight but important difference to other real-time strategy games in that it doesn’t give you full or direct control over any of your forces.

This game is gorgeous, with detailed, colourful cartoonish graphics that wouldn’t look out of place in one of the better quality full-on PC games. The stunning visuals are allied to a strong, heroic sounding soundtrack, which helps no end.


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