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Five Best Android Apps Every Geek Should Have

POST: 12 Oct 2017    BY Robert Wright   IN: Blog

Google Play Store has many apps. Some are very useful and splendid, but a number of them are very low quality. If you are an Android enthusiast and geek, then there is a very high chance you prefer high quality and useful apps.

Besides checking our realtors city place and other interesting sites, you need fantastic and helpful apps to help you pass the time. Here are some of the apps that will

make your daily tasks more natural and are available in Google Play Store:


Here's Why Everyone Wants in on the Mobile Gaming Trend

POST: 06 Oct 2017    BY Michael Taylor   IN: Blog

Classic PC games like League of Legends are still the leaders at eSports competitions. However, more and more new game releases are specially designed for mobile devices. According to an investigation by the American market research institute NPD Group last year, 64% of people mainly play on their smartphones. The game developers are now reacting to this trend and are developing more and more mobile games, which appeal to not only the hardcore gamers, but also to "casual" gamers who prefer handheld devices for their gaming.


Why Video Games Should Be Important Part Of Life

POST: 03 Oct 2017    BY Mark Jackson   IN: Blog

The debate is still ongoing like what are the social benefits of video gaming. There are many critics who support the ill effect of it while others believe playing digital games leave positive impact on one's psychology. However, the dark side has come to notice more and here we will talk about just the positive aspects. Below are those:

Why Video Games Should Be Important Part Of Life

In this modern day technology developers are coming up with high-end games that carry higher resolutions and also better user interfaces. The noticeable part is improvements in the cognitive capabilities of players. With this the players builds up better hand-eye co-ordination. Their memory becomes sharper and reasoning capacity becomes better too than before. The beauty of video games is that people from any field or background like technology, mathematics, engineering and science are big fanatics of video gaming.

Many feels the video game players become lazy physically as well as intellectually. It is also said such people become antisocial element and are usually less supportive than others, but these allegations differ if believed to several scientific research and studies. It is found such people are better problem solvers, role players and strategy builders. They become more enhanced, creative and strategy builders.

In couple of recent research it has been found the anti-social behavior allegation of gamers is just a myth as such youngsters have been cured by playing video games who had earlier suffered from attention-deficit disorder..


More to all these, in the era of social networking people are more used to virtual world in connecting with fellow-gamers and this is evident today players go into social isolation. This results with mass participation and better civic engagement. Gamers are now double enthusiastic and the online connectivity and they do it with all heart and soul.

Researchers say playing video games is a good way to free yourself from stress and strain. It is in fact anxiety controller and superb mood changer. It keeps you away from harmful thoughts and from evil too. It keeps emotion stable and helps in knowing failures are pillars of success.

Undoubtedly video game has proved to be an educative medium but need to be followed correctly. It is a healthy activity in our lives and filled with fun too. It is confidence booster and the big thing is that it is as easy as eating pizza. Just one needs to keep a balanced perspective to take advantage from video gaming as you know too much of pizzas end up upsetting tummy.

Before wrapping up one best example of energy booster is playing casinos. These are real measuring rods to make you understand how much potentiality you have in winning after learning from failures. It is suggested to play online casinos like maple casino frequently to keep you attitude focused and emotion stable. Winning and losing is just a part of life and either of the two should not destable your personality. In life you don?t win always and even don?t lose always. So keep your emotion intact to make others less understand what?s going on in your personal life.

Best Third-Party Instagram Apps

POST: 15 Sep 2017    BY Robert Wright   IN: Blog

Instagram is the second most popular website. It is a great way to engage with new people in your social networks. However, developing a presence on Instagram is going to take a lot of time. You will want to use third-party apps that can streamline the process..

Here are some of the best Instagram apps I have come across.

Best Third-Party Instagram Apps

1. Layout

Creating collages can be a great way to build your presence on Instagram. They are very engaging and tend to get a lot more shares on social media. However, creating them can take a long time, even if you already have a lot of great photos to pull from.

The Layout app is designed to make things a lot easier. It provides a very high level of control over the presentation of your images. You can build collages with any existing images in your Instagram feed. You may want to choose the images that have already gotten plenty of traction.

2. Repost App

The Repost App is one of the best tools for spreading images on Instagram. If you find highly engaging images that were shared by other people in your network, this tool makes it easier to share them with your own followers. It also gives credit to the originator of the image.

This is a great tool for marketers that want to build their relationship with Instagram influencers. You can share content from the most influential people in your niche, which increases the likelihood that they will reciprocate or follow your own Instagram feed.

3. Hootsuite Enhance

Editing your Instagram photos can make a tremendous difference. According to one study by Georgia Tech, edited Instagram images receive 21% more views. Another study found that they receive nearly 50% better engagement.

You can use this tool to crop photos to the exact dimensions you need to get them shared on Instagram. It also comes with lots of useful filters, overlays and borders, which can make your content much more vibrant and engaging. You just need to make sure that you choose the right images first, because even the best filters won?t make a lousy picture look good. This tool is best for optimizing images that already perform well on social media.

4. Boomerang

Boomerang isn?t actually a third-party app, but it is one of the best Instagram tools, so I decided to include it anyways. This app allows you to take exiting images and create a looping function with them. In other words, you can create a repeating image that looks like a .gif.

Instagram has a great guide on using this tool. It can be extremely engaging, because Instagram users enjoy seeing moving images. They tend to catch people?s eyes more than other content.

5. GainFollow

Are you struggling to earn followers on Instagram? The GainFollow app is one of the best tools at your disposal. You can use this app to earn hundreds to thousands of genuine, active Instagram followers in as little as a week. Many people that have used this app state that it has worked very well for them. It has also helped people trying to get automatic Instagram views.

Apps Are Great for Instagram Marketing

There are lots of great Instagram apps out there that you can use to build your social media presence. Use them to your fullest advantage.


Bitcoins Are Adding Fun to Mobile Games

POST: 29 Jun 2017    BY Mark Jackson   IN: Blog

Bitcoins are nothing like the currencies we are used to. As a digital currency, bitcoins can only be created and stored online. Invented by Satoshi Nakamoto (it's not known whether this is a person or a group of people), bitcoins are produced by a process called "mining", a function of the cryptocurrency's underlying technology that roughly equates to the solving of complex mathematical problems. Once these problems are solved, an amount of bitcoin is handed out as a reward.

There is a strong demand for bitcoins so this cryptocurrency is increasingly used to buy products and services electronically, including mobile games in which these can be won.

An App a Day - Mobile Gaming 10 Years On

POST: 11 May 2017    BY Michael Williams   IN: Blog

Since the dawn of apps – the clock to get us out of bed, the notepad to write our lists and plans, the phone and the text message app to keep us connected – have we considered every need for our day-to-day lives. That’s why it wasn’t long before the first mobile gaming app was invented in August 2007 for the iPhone. Lights Out involved toggling squares on a grid to try to turn all the lights out – touching squares toggled nearby lights, and gameplay grew more difficult. The success of Lights Out saw it make a comeback to modern phones, with added levels, internet connectivity, and bonus features. Lights Out was invented even before the arrival of the App Store in 2008. Before then, mobile gaming came in the form of content nuggets – wallpaper, ringtones, and small videos – which sapped money from the attached card and resulted in a desperate flurry of taps on the exit button whenever the SMS portal was launched. The App Store revolutionized mobile gaming by providing a viable platform. And then people began downloading.


Hiding Android Apps

POST: 10 May 2017    BY Michael Williams   IN: Blog

There are more than enough reasons to want to hide the Apps on your android device. The only person who should have unlimited access to your device is you. In this world that we are living it is very easy to allow someone into your inner circle only for that person to betray your trust. Even spouses for many years have been known to just up and betray their partner’s confidence. Therefore making you the best keeper of your secrets.


In this day and age, the sheer range of video games that we have at our disposal really is quite astounding, and nowhere is this growth more apparent than in the world of mobile gaming. At the end of 2016, there were over 631,000 mobile games listedand ready to download from the Apple App Store, a whopping 60% increase from the previous year – and you can bet that number will be reaching the one million mark at some point in the very near future


Team Fuze iPhone, IPad App Review

POST: 22 Apr 2017    BY Super User   IN: Blog

Designed for the iPhone as well as iPad, the Team Fuze app from the stable of Muqbil Akhalaf is a new social tool for mobile devices where people can play online soccer together.

The latest version 1.44 was rolled out this year on April 19 with user interface update, some fixes to bugs and ability to find games being played at nearby location. It is 99.7 MB in size and compatible with iOS 9.3 or later. It supports the iPod touch too. The interface is made available in English as well as Arabic. It comes free and can be found in the Social Networking category on iTunes.


Why Is The Car Arcade Game So Popular Right Now?

POST: 26 Jan 2017    BY Super User   IN: Blog

The car arcade games are now considered as being fascinating and exciting by most players. They are useful when you want to kill some time without being bored. Such online games are going to be built around the competition between the players. In order to win you want to get past the finish line first. That does seem simple but the truth is that it can be quite complicated if you do not know much about how to play. You are going to have to practice. This is 100% the case at all times.

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