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Bitcoins Are Adding Fun to Mobile Games

29 Jun 2017
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Bitcoins are nothing like the currencies we are used to. As a digital currency, bitcoins can only be created and stored online. Invented by Satoshi Nakamoto (it's not known whether this is a person or a group of people), bitcoins are produced by a process called "mining", a function of the cryptocurrency's underlying technology that roughly equates to the solving of complex mathematical problems. Once these problems are solved, an amount of bitcoin is handed out as a reward.

There is a strong demand for bitcoins so this cryptocurrency is increasingly used to buy products and services electronically, including mobile games in which these can be won.

Bitcoins Are Adding Fun to Mobile Games

Winning Bitcoins from Playing Mobile Games

There are many ways you can buy bitcoins but it's always much more fun if you can win them instead. There are several mobile game apps on Apple's App Store and Google Play that you can download but there are also games that you can play on mobile sites that reward players in the form of bitcoins.

One such mobile site is, where one can experience the blackjack fun, along with many other online casino games like roulette, baccarat, and slots. The site offers 20 different blackjack variants where a player can win more than 4,000 mBTC or milli-bitcoin. They even stream two live tables that give players a more authentic blackjack gaming experience.

Oh Crop! – a game similar to Plants vs. Zombies, in which the player’s goal is to defeat the evil plants – also allows mobile players to win bitcoins. The game rewards the top 15 players every week. Another game is Coin Flapper, which looks a lot like Flappy Birds.

Three Good Reasons to Use Bitcoins

While there are many other cryptocurrencies that have emerged over the past few years, bitcoin is the most popular and widely adopted. What makes bitcoins the leading digital currency by far is, for one, it offers its users privacy. During certain times when transactions need to be confidential, information such as how many bitcoins were moved and to which address can be kept private.

Bitcoins Are Adding Fun to Mobile Games

Second, bitcoins allow for secure and anonymous transactions. One of the biggest concerns of online customers is the privacy of their personal financial information, such as their credit card number, expiry date, and security number, which are sensitive and may be used by hackers for identity fraud and theft. With bitcoins, the security certificate generated from a transaction is only shared between the parties involved in the transaction.

And lastly, bitcoin transactions are much faster compared to the processing of checks, wire transfers, and bank transfers since these are all done online and there is no room for human error. While it might take you three to five business days to process using traditional bank transactions, bitcoin payments would only take about ten minutes.

For sure, playing mobile games, whether you play them on downloaded apps or mobile sites, are now much more fun and exciting with bitcoins in the picture. Just as the emergence of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets has revolutionized how online games are played, so has the invention of bitcoin.

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