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Here's Why Everyone Wants in on the Mobile Gaming Trend

06 Oct 2017

Classic PC games like League of Legends are still the leaders at eSports competitions. However, more and more new game releases are specially designed for mobile devices. According to an investigation by the American market research institute NPD Group last year, 64% of people mainly play on their smartphones. The game developers are now reacting to this trend and are developing more and more mobile games, which appeal to not only the hardcore gamers, but also to "casual" gamers who prefer handheld devices for their gaming.

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The world of video games is constantly evolving

As the technology evolves so does the way games are played and mobile gaming has become increasingly important. No matter whether it is mobile RPGs, MOBAS, or even online casinos , mobile gaming is already determining the market today. Millions of players worldwide use the mobile platforms such as tablets and smartphones to play flexibly, such as in the comfort of their own homes or on the go. Games such as poker, baccarat, blackjack, roulette and video game slots are just some examples of iGames that are now increasingly being played on mobile devices. Experts believe that mobile apps and mobile gaming will overtake all online casinos over the next years. Of course, there will be a lot going on in the future. Almost everyone has a smartphone.

Game consoles, such as PS Vita or the Wii are still popular but mobile gaming on smartphones and tablets are already competing with them. Many manufacturers, who have developed their games so far only for consoles, want to bring out the games as a mobile game. With all the new smartphones, which are powerful and equipped with excellent graphics, the games can be played just like on a gaming console.

The advantages of a smartphone to play iGames, for instance, are flexibility and speed. By clicking on the mobile, the game loads immediately, without complicated registration processes and the player can easily track their current score. In addition, there are special bonuses for mobile gaming, which provide additional profit opportunities and probably the biggest advantage of mobile games is that you can play from everywhere and at any time. The steady development of eSports and iGaming on mobile devices has the potential to revolutionize the world of gaming as we know it today. For example, League of Legends could soon be available for mobile devices. A game that is played by people all over the world and uses one language with which all the players can communicate with one another - even if they come from different countries. The language of mobile entertainment.

So as the technology behind smartphones and tablets is constantly improving and we are becoming more and more reliant on mobile technology, it makes sense to expand video games of all types to the mobile market as mobile technology is virtually guaranteed to be at everyone?s fingertips.

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