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Hiding Android Apps

10 May 2017

There are more than enough reasons to want to hide the Apps on your android device. The only person who should have unlimited access to your device is you. In this world that we are living it is very easy to allow someone into your inner circle only for that person to betray your trust. Even spouses for many years have been known to just up and betray their partner’s confidence. Therefore making you the best keeper of your secrets.

Unfortunately our android devices have a way of also revealing our secrets. Whether it is that online casino gambling hobby (check casino games) or wild weekend gate away with your mistress, your device knows about it all. And thus there is an urgent need to make sure that you learn how to keep your Android device quiet. Or at least to prevent it from voluntarily giving away your secrets. We are going to discuss the a few ways to keep your phone activities away from prying eyes.


Ways of Hiding Android Apps


1. Using a launcher. This is a simple method of preventing people from accessing the Apps on your Android device. There are many types of launchers in the market and most of them are free to download. Obvious you can choose to activate other features by subscribing for in-app purchases.

2. App-Lockers. The tool works to prevent access to your selected Apps. People can see that you have the App on your device but cannot have access to it. Thus protecting the content of your Apps.

3. Disable the App. Most android devices come with the ability to disable Apps. There are no downloads required for this. Simply go to the settings of your device, select Apps and choose the option to hide Apps.

4. Dedicated Solutions to hide Apps. The stuff of superspies. These are applications that appear to be another App (calculator, audio manager, online casino games etc) thus throwing off any suspicion. They offer a unique method to unlock the vault to your precious secrets. But this only works on rooted devices.

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