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FTL Faster Than Light

10 Jan 2017

FTL: Faster Than Light

Ever watched Star Trek and thought I want to be James T Kirk? Well now you can with Faster than Light. FTL is an ingenious strategy game that puts you in charge of a spaceship and its crew. The premise is very simple. You are the captain of a galactic federation ship carrying vital information about an upcoming rebel attack. You must navigate your way through many sectors to deliver your data to a Federation stronghold.

The graphics are basic with a top down view of the ship and crew, but do not let that fool you. Under the hood, lies a surprisingly deep game, with many strategies to explore. Jump from system to system encountering enemy spacecraft that try to stop you achieving your goal. It’s up to you to manage power levels, aim weapons, assign crew to different stations on your ship and defeat your opponents.


FTL: Faster Than Light::By Subset Games FTL: Faster Than Light::By Subset Games FTL: Faster Than Light::By Subset Games

FTL: Faster Than Light Screenshots

Choose your route though the stars, encounter space pirates, rebel ships and strange aliens that either help or hinder your cause. Use salvage from ships you destroy to improve your ship iss weaponry, engines and shields. Buy new weapons, hire crew and refuel for the journey ahead at one of the many shops. Finally, confront and destroy the Rebel mothership!


• Deep, strategic gameplay

• Great action sequences

• Amazing replay value


• Might be complicated for inexperienced gamers

• Graphics look a little basic


FTL is a brilliant mix of strategy and action. There are hectic times when enemy ships are breaking down your shields or teleporting men to attack you from within. At these moments you really feel like you are the captain of a spaceship with the weight of the Federation on your shoulders. The difficulty level is very high and you will die several times before getting close to completing the game. But that is part of its charm. FTL is easily one of the best games available for the iPad.

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Download FTL: Faster Than Light from iTunes for free Download FTL: Faster Than Light from iTunes for free

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