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1 Keyboard

25 Jan 2014

1 Keyboard game review

Finally an app that does just as good a job with keyboard management, as my swift keyboard app that runs on my Android phone and tablet.

The app is called 1 Keyboard and it will revolutionize the way you type out your messages and other texts. I was a little skeptical at first because I have seen so many different keyboard apps on the market, but this app genuinely impresses me.

Let's check out together, what makes this app special, and why I think you should get this app from the iTunes Store, for your iPhone or iPad.

1 Keyboard::By Yap Seng Guan 1 Keyboard::By Yap Seng Guan 1 Keyboard::By Yap Seng Guan 1 Keyboard::By Yap Seng Guan

1 Keyboard screenshots

The first thing you will notice when you start the app for the first time, is the prominent red button labeled "SOS". I thought to myself, well I better not press this because it might call the emergency line, but all I needed to do was read the manual :) When I tapped on the SOS button, a new message appeared in my window with some pre-defined text from a template reading "Help Me" and "Urgent" and below that was my current GPS coordinates, so all I would need to do in case of a real emergency would be to send the message.

I see the 1 Keyboard app actually saving lives. I read about a guy in North America who got lost in a snow storm, and his fingers were so cold, he could not tap out his message or phone number for help..

this was a true story. Anyway, had this guy had the 1 Keyboard app, he would have been found because all the information about your location is input for you. You just need to tap send, and your location is sent to someone who can find you and help you.

I will admit, the chance of needing to use this feature is pretty small, I probably would not buy this app, just for that purpose. Well there is a lot more to this app, than simply an emergency SOS signal.

The core functionality uses an ever present keyboard that displays both letters and numbers and distinctive characters in a way that makes typing super easy and super fast. It just works. I can see myself using this app all the time.

Interestingly, it also has a "Send Later" feature that allows you to schedule your outgoing messages, in case you need to do that. The large font and easy to scroll text area makes for easy reading. I like that the numbers are real solid too because I have slightly oversized fingers and seem to make a lot typing mistakes, but not with the 1 Keyboard app.

The 1 Keyboard app comes with a feature touted as "Tap Once, Tap Twice" or TOTT, and this is to help you position the cursor position when you need to make some text corrections. I like this feature because I usually have issues with cursor position, I am either one or two letters off, and have to adjust my taps, to get to the letters I want to update.

In total, I would say that I highly recommend this app, thanks to it's time saving features, the SOS feature and the big and easy to read keyboard display. I think the 1 Keyboard app is worth the investment.

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