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3D Animated Stickers: Dinosaurs Featured

16 Nov 2014

3D Animated Stickers: Dinosaurs

Do you love dinosaurs? Dinosaurs as you've never seen previously! Well, it is now your chance to discover and see what they look like into the reality.

Introducing the newest and realistic app stickers that would allow you and your thoughts to discover the lives of the distinct creatures that have been gone thousand years ago: The 3D animated Stickers: Dinosaurs.


3D Animated Stickers: Dinosaurs::By #company 3D Animated Stickers: Dinosaurs::By #company 3D Animated Stickers: Dinosaurs::By #company 3D Animated Stickers: Dinosaurs

3D Animated Stickers: Dinosaurs Screenshots

Practical models of dinosaurs moving and making interesting sounds set into regular and inconceivable situations.

This application adds another level to the communication of the traditional stickers so adored by kids. The T-Rex or the velociraptor are brought to life on screen by moving in three dimensional space while many activitys let your kids modify particular developments of each dinosaur.

Collaborations with dinosaurs are basic and instinctive: move, resize, close or send them away and invigorate haphazardly one of a dinosaur. Many foundations are accessible to reproduce different situations from the most practical ones to the most whimsical ones. Presently you can embed the dinosaurs into the most renowned urban areas with sounds that portray this environment.

The dinosaurs with which you can connect with 3d Animated Stickers Dinosaurs are: Ankylosaurus, Apatosaur, Dilophosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Plesiosaurus, Pliosaurus, Pterosaur, Spinosaurus, Stegosaurus, Tiranosaur and Triceratops. All of this creature are exclusively seen in this application. More update will be soon to come, just keep on using the app and be updated.

The more the updates the more the excitement. You can likewise advance the scene it is additionally conceivable to include three dimensional items like rocks, stones, eggs and trees. These can likewise be moved, resized, turned, brought closer or sent away. This application is intended for and tried with youngsters matured 3 to 8; however the extremely practical illustrations can definitely energize more established children.

The application doesn't oblige web association and doesn't contain promoting or limited time material. Thus, this application will also give you certain knowledge on how and what are mostly the dinosaurs look like and move like. If you have children at home, this would give them knowledge and information about this distinct creatures. This is one good learning activity that you could give to your children.

This application is exclusively for iOS users only and is not for free. With $1.99 you can have your own version of this app and enjoy the excitement that it could offer you and your children, if you have one. You can find this app on iTunes. Get yours now.


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