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Aaptiv Fitness App

03 Apr 2019

Aaptiv fitness app review

The Aaptiv Fitness App has been developed in consultation with NSW Diabetes Taskforce as well as its in-hospital Management of Diabetes Mellitus Working Group.

The fitness app called Aaptiv is much in demand these days for one of its outstanding feature of audio-guided classes. It is more useful to those fitness enthusiasts who fail to plan their days around scheduled classes but always wish to remain active.


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Aaptiv fitness app Screenshots

Aaptiv is perfect for such men and women, and boys and girls. It is made available on both iOS as well as Android mobile operation system, but unfortunately it does not come for free.

The app has a monthly and annual fee of $10 and $50 respectively, which is comparatively as affordable as a New York gym fee. At such reasonable price Aaptiv comes with more than 2,500 audio-guided workout classes and forty new classes are added up each week. The classes can be filtered based on type of workout the user is looking like length of time, intensity, music genre, or by trainer.

Signing up

Aaptiv fitness app can be signed up using email address and so just the first and last name are to be shared with it. Those who are Facebook savvy can also sign up with the Facebook credentials. A 'Discover' tab can be seen after the signing up process is successfully done. On the top comes recommended workouts and the available classes categorized in type of workout.

After getting into one of the recommended module or category the workouts can be found listd in chronological order.


The categories found in Aaptiv app are interesting and meaningful. It does not seem something has been stuffed unnecessarily. Those are as below:

Outdoor running, Treadmill, Elliptical, Indoor Cycling, Rowing, Stair Climber, Strength Training, Stretching, Workouts for Weight Loss, Ab Workouts, Programs, Yoga, Boxing (just released last month), Walking, Meditation, 5K training, 10K Training, Half Marathon Training, Full Marathon Training, and Featured Collections.

In the top right-hand corner one can see upside down triangle. Selecting it will open up type of workouts to choose from. Multiple selection is possible from each section at once.

One can also select a category and filter down from there.

Bookmarking, Favorites, To Do list

The app features bookmarking of workouts and also adding to either Favorites or To Do lists. At the bottom 'Saved' tab can be found to proceed with the feature.

Similarly the workouts can be opted out or reshuffled any time when one workout is liked more than others or some needs to be given priority while searching.

There's a Profile tab too and this is for some more goal-oriented people where workout statistics can be viewed and past classes can be accessed. One can also set a reminder to remain on track.

However, this section cannot be edited. The workout gets counted on the profile of user and is basically meaningful if one competes with a friend or wants to keep the past score.

Making of Aaptiv

Ethan Agarwal tried remaining fit in 2015 while being on business travels. He found difficult in getting motivated during his runs. In fact he was looking for an audio-based guide and started his own - Aaptiv app, which is for everyone who deserves personalized fitness instruction. His vision is to improve lives of people through fitness.

Why audio

Audio fitness app is obviously better than text-based fitness app as while exercising it becomes difficult to stare at a screen every now and then. The audio is streamed through headphone in the form of instruction and music to help user move freely and focus more on the form.


The subscription can be canceled anytime through the account settings on its official website. It is important to note the app does not issue refunds for the requests made after being charged. So it is better to cancel prior to the next billing period, in fact 48 hours before the renewal date. It is suggested to first turn off the auto renewal subscription option. The app follows policy of no questions asked at the time of cancelation.

The refund request can be raised from the Aaptiv website if the registration is done through the website or through Google Play Store. If the registration is done through iTunes account, users are asked to contact Apple Support for the refund.

To get receipt of the payments done user need to contact the app's support team. This is for them who registered through its website. If the registration process is done through iTunes or Google Play Store, the receipt can be received through associated email address. For month registered users the receipts are issued on monthly basis and for yearly registered users the same is done on yearly basis.

The payment information can also be either added or changed easily on the Aaptiv app. For users who registered through its official website can do so by logging into their account while iTues and Google Play Store need to check the settings of their respective platform.


Aaptiv surely offers good time and experience, pushing a user out of just typical routine. It is a good deal to try for the first time at just $10 for the first month. It is one of the best audio-based mobile fitness app that is easy to use as well as affordable to use the service. It can be termed as wealth of fitness classes and tips that comes in a handy way, always on the palm. It is a must-to-test app.

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