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Absolute Vintage

21 Jan 2014

Absolute Vintage game review

This new app for you iPhone, iPod or iPad is the impressive Vintage Portrait maker. This app lets you design a photograph which looks authentically vintage.

You can use a photograph of yourself or even of your friends. With this app you used a previously saved photograph or a brand new one and attach your head onto a different body.

You can then start to play with the image and put on extra features such as spectacles, jewellery and clothes and even pop it into a vintage frame.

Once you have done this and created your image you can put into onto your facebook account immediately or simply just save it.

Absolute Vintage::by David Sandonato Absolute Vintage::by David Sandonato Absolute Vintage::by David Sandonato Absolute Vintage::by David Sandonato Absolute Vintage::by David Sandonato

Absolute Vintage screenshots

This is a very entertaining app and is a lot of fun to use. The options are endless with the different things you can add to your images to produce lots of funny results. You will soon while away the time when using this app as there are so many different combinations you can use to create a lot of different images.

There are over 150 bodies to choose from and numerous different attachments which you can put onto your image. You can play around with facial wear, head dress and lots of other little features.

There are numerous frames to pick from to compliment your photograph as well as the option to change it from a colour picture to a black and white picture to make it look all the more authentic.

All of the items included in this app which you can pick from to enhance your own photo are actually taken from original pictures taken over the years to again make your own picture appear not only just vintage but also authentic.

The commands are quite simple to follow. If you wan to get rid of all of the icons all you have to do is wobble the device. If you would like to move the face you simply put your finger on the photo and drag it to where you would like it to go on the screen.

The brightness and colour can be altered and certain different features can be rotated. You are also allowed to add up to three accessories on each photograph.

Attention to detail can be seen in this app with such a variety of features readily available in this small app. The end results are very precise.

I was very pleased with the free version and even more impressed with the upgraded version of this app. The price is very reasonable and personally I would have been prepared to pay much more for this app as it was so entertaining and produced such fantastic results.

Not only will you be personally entertained by this app but so will family and acquaintances when you send them over a copy of their “vintage photo”.

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