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AccessToGo Remote Desktop RDP Client

01 Mar 2013

AccessToGo Remote Desktop RDP Client review

AccessToGo is an application that allows you to connect to your (or other peoples) computer while using your phone or tablet.

It is available on Apple and Android products. This app is one of the fastest and smoothest Remote Desktop Controllers available and best of all it is free! To enable your device to connect to the computer you have to turn on these options in the operating system settings and allow your firewall to give the device access.

There are simple guides available on the internet if you need any help to get started.

AccessToGo Remote Desktop RDP Client::By Ericom Software AccessToGo Remote Desktop RDP Client::By Ericom Software AccessToGo Remote Desktop RDP Client::By Ericom Software AccessToGo Remote Desktop RDP Client::By Ericom Software AccessToGo Remote Desktop RDP Client::By Ericom Software

AccessToGo Remote Desktop RDP Client screenshots

The program loads up with two example connections, these are fully working examples and you can access the connection information by pressing the arrow next to the name.

Tap on the name and the program will connect directly to the example computer. If you are new to remote access use these as templates to setup your own connections.

To create a link to a new computer use the New Connection button located on the main menu. Select the client you would like to use, if you are not sure the basic RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) client.

A new window will open with many different input fields available, the first four boxes are the most important. Entering the computer details can be tricky. You will need to make sure you have the computers IP (Internet Protocol) address or website and the login details.

Once the connection works you can go directly into your computer from your device. You can open and close files, folders and programs. You will be able to create new documents, edit old records, even use your computer to access the internet.

To navigate around the computer via remote access you are given a very helpful toolbar. If it is hidden press the bottom right corner of the screen and the toolbar will appear.

As you move around a tap on the screen will be the equivalent to a normal click of the mouse. Using the first icon on the left hand side of the tool bar will give the option to left or right click with the mouse. There are some other options that appear when you select this feature, they are also shown on the toolbar.

The second icon is the track-pad icon, use this tool to visibly see the cursor and use your finger to control its movement. The mouse icon is used to enable remote mouse mode, meaning control is given back to the computer but your device can still see what is happening on the screen. The keyboard icon will bring up a keyboard representation for you to type.

The magnifying glass helps you to zoom in and out, if you are using an Apple device the two-finger touch zoom will also work. The last icon on the toolbar will close the connection between device and the computer.

AccessToGo is an absolutely solid and stable program; it allows the user quick and safe access to computers from various devices. It is very easy to use and the toolbar allows full control of the computer with very little effort from the user. The Online help is very accurate and the additional settings allow the user to completely setup the device to their needs.

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Download AccessToGo Remote Desktop RDP Client from iTunesDownload AccessToGo Remote Desktop RDP Client from Android market

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