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Airport Guide+Flight Tracker iFlyPro

26 Feb 2013

Airport Guide+Flight Tracker iFlyPro game review

Airport Guide comes from the developers Red Cirrus LLC and all I can say is that out of all the flight tracking apps on the market at the moment, this is the one you want.

The app does as it says on the tin – tracks flights and it does this very well. However this is just a small part of what this app actually has to offer. The app will assist you whilst at the airport, with flights and any travel information which you may need.

There are so much information which this app provides it would take a long time to go through them all but off the top off my head a few of the excellent services include information about expected flight times, maps of the airports, a detailed list of shops and restaurants near your terminal complete with customer reviews, to more little details such as the availability of wi-fi and where this can be found.

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This app has so many parts to it that it could have been made into several different apps without any complaints so it is a bonus that the developers have included so much into this one app.

The app itself is huge. It has in excess of 700 airports, flight tracking as well as GPS enabled terminal maps. This app will save travellers a huge amount of time so is well worth purchasing.

Other additional features include information about parking charges and where these are situated, backs, ATMs, currency exchange – basically everything a traveller will need to know. This saves an invaluable amount of time from having to wander aimlessly around the airport trying to locate these services.

The app is very easy to use and also very quick. There are some features which you do not need to use on line which is also very helpful if you are still on the plane.

Being a regular user of planes I can appreciate how useful this app will be to travellers as I personally found it to be a little gem. It was handy, quick, informative and easy to use.

In addition to flight details, guidance and information about essential services you will need this app also has a lot of helpful advice. It provides a fully details list of rules and regulations you will need to abide by, security and ID regulations, help and advice if you are travelling with the family and have small children or pets and even advice with the basic travelling tasks such as checking in.

My only one down fall with this is that at times the amount of information available can be a bit overwhelming but without it the app would not be what it is – fantastic.

This app is everything a traveller will need and once they have tried it once they will find that they can not travel without it again. It basically provides all travellers with all the essential information that they will need and save a lot of time and energy and take the stress away from any journey. I certainly recommend this app.

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