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Business Cards Info (BCI)

31 Dec 2013

Business Cards Info (BCI) game review

What do you get if you combine social media, business, mobile communications, maps and business cards all together?

The answer is BIC BusinessCardsInfo, a new app designed for the Apple iPhone. BusinessCardsInfo is a new application that is available through a free user registration to the BusinessCardsInfo service.

Quite simply put, the service allows you to enter your information into a practical, easy to use and up-to-date online information repository that is accessible to all users of the service.

Business Cards Info (BCI)::By Investor Guide Est. Information Technology Business Cards Info (BCI)::By Investor Guide Est. Information Technology Business Cards Info (BCI)::By Investor Guide Est. Information Technology Business Cards Info (BCI)::By Investor Guide Est. Information Technology Business Cards Info (BCI)::By Investor Guide Est. Information Technology

Business Cards Info (BCI) screenshots

You become a user of the service, you contribute your own information by adding a virtual business card into the BusinessCardsInfo online database. The information that you provide includes basic information such as your name and email address, the type of business that you're in, your company name and Company contact details, and other demographic information such as the country you live in the city, state and zip, and your photo if you so choose to upload.

Once you have uploaded the information, then people can search for you directly, or you will be shown in search results using a tool called Cards Finder. The Cards Finder is essentially the main search facility in the app that allows you to find different individuals by fields used in the business cards.

You are also able to post information to Facebook and Twitter, in the event you want to share the information with your friends. There is a flood of different categories that you can select from everything from arts and entertainment to technology, and even government contacts.

Each of the categories that you can select shows you how many listings have already been updated, so you can get an idea of the number of users that exist in the system. In addition to posting your own information, there is also a "My Cards Wallet" functionality that allows you to save business cards that you find for fast retrieval at a later time.

In order to use the system, each user must accept the terms of use, which is a pretty standard agreement, however, one thing that you should be aware of is that any content you post on to the service allows the service operators to use that information in any way they wish.

The service operators have confirmed, however that they will never share your contact details with any third party. If you are looking for a fast, unique way, to get leads for different individuals in a particular business area, I can see this application having its advantages over a service such as LinkedIn because most of the people will be using BusinessCardsInfo are people such as yourself who want to use the application in order to find others who they can do business with.

From a performance standpoint, the application is quite quick to retrieve results from the online database, so you do not have to wait terribly long to get the contact information you are looking for. Given the trend toward information sharing these days, it is likely that the number of users that use the service will continue to grow.

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Download Business Cards Info (BCI) from iTunes

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