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Calculator 365+

29 Apr 2014

CALCULATOR 365+ game review

Ok, so you know how a calculator works and what does it do for you.

You probably have a scientific calculator with you with sin, cos, tan function which you will never use unless you are a college or high school student doing homework at the supermarket. A calculator for daily usage or even in business should be more practical, don´t you think?

You should be able to figure out how much you should tip your waiter, based on percentage, without having to come up with complex procedure on how to operate that into your calculator.

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CALCULATOR 365+ screenshots

What if I told you that there actually is a calculator that can tell you what is the percentage of your salary raise, if you are lucky to get one, without having to pull out a 100-page manual on how to do that?

Yes, there is, and it is this application, Calculator 365! Calculator 365 will get the job done without fuzz and with a simple tapping of buttons. It´s like 1, 2, and 3. But let me tell you how you can use Calculator 365 on your favor.

With its sleek design and big, easy-to-tap buttons, this calculator will put a smile on your face, as you will be able to make simple calculations in multiple scenarios thanks to its diverse calculator modes.

That´s right, you can decide what it is that you are going to be needing your calculator for. It is so versatile and powerful you won´t believe it’s real. So this is me telling you that this is a must. Ever being at the supermarket with low budget and need to be adding up your expenses?

It sometimes feels weird to be pulling out a calculator in front of people every time and adding prices. Well with his calculator on your hand-held you will actually be looking cool as you prance around adding up prices seamlessly and getting information on how much money you actually have left.

Calculator 365 can be set up to work in different modes, one of them only being your standard 1+2 calculator. I know what you’re probably asking right now: So what are the other modes for?! Well, besides the example of the supermarket there are so many other things.

This app will actually write currency symbols to those numbers that represent money and multiply them by numbers that are not, at the tap of a button. Calculator 365 will even measure time for you and calculate a pay for an hourly job with minute’s accuracy.

Believe it or not, the calculator will actually create an invoice of the pay. Sounds great already? Is your significant other´s birthday coming soon? Don´t want to forget wedding anniversary? Calculator 365 will count the days missing for any event you program it for.

It will also count the days since a past event. Find out what is the day in which your friend´s birthday is coming, or find out how old are you in months and days! With its nifty design and versatile functions, this is an application you must include in your stack to increase your productivity.

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