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Calling Card Pal

11 Mar 2014

Calling Card Pal game review

Calling Card Pal is a utility app which is meant to ease down the hassles during calling card dialing.

Who doesn’t like the cheap and affordable rates of calling cards but the biggest drawback of using them is the dialing hassles. I seriously find it irritating to do that job and that makes me prefer the costlier option than this cheaper one to do my task.

But this utility app which is now available on iTunes has come to my rescue. Calling Card Pal’s working is very simple. You just need to launch Calling Card Pal and do a one- time configuration.

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Calling Card Pal screenshots

This includes entering your local access number as well as any pin number if asked. Then you can simply dial any international number directly from your keyboard or from the contact list in your phone. No access number or pin number would be required.

The app Calling Card Pal would automatically detect the international numbers that you enter an then translate them into proper dialing sequences so as to dial the local access number along with the pin number if required.

Didn’t get it? Let me explain with an example. Say you are a user from US and you would need to dial just 011+the country code+number. The app Calling Card Pal would translate this entire number that you dialed into a local access number that you already configured during the one-time configuration.

This makes calling card such an easy task. You don’t need to do that very irritating and confusing task of entering the local access number etc. again and again. Just one time is enough and rest of the work would be done by Calling Card Pal.

It works on your behalf every time you dial a number. Isn’t that amazing? Yes, it is. At least for me, who found it a very cumbersome task to make international calling through calling cards. The app also supports pinless dialing.

You can also choose advanced dialing patterns. This utility app is actually useful for people like us. Such apps are released very less. The app store is surely filled with thousands of utility apps, but we all know that there are only a few which are actually useful to normal people and make their life easier and Calling Card Pal is one of those useful apps which is going to make your life much easier.

In case, you need to dial international numbers on a regular basis and use the calling card for its actually the cheapest method for international calling, Calling Card Pal is a must have app for you. Since the time I have downloaded this app, I am just thanking my own self for having chosen this app and my work has become a lot easier.

Now I don’t get irritated every time I need to make an international call to talk to my loved ones. If you are looking for a utility app to facilitate the process of international calling through calling cards, this app is certainly the one for you.

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