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Cap-Sac Laser Portraits - '80s Fun Time

27 Feb 2013

Cap-Sac Laser Portraits - '80s Fun Time! game review

Cap-Sac Laser Portraits – 80’s fun time is the latest release by the developers BumbleCat Games.

The app does exactly what it says on the tin. It is a quirky little app in which you can use photo graphs of yourself and turn them into 1980’s images. There are an assortment of 15 different backgrounds and outfits to choose from and you can play around with these to create funny looking images from the 1980’s genre.

The graphics are completely reminiscent of the 1980’s with the black background and bright fluorescent colours splashed all over. Little speckles of colour really add to the spacey 1980’s theme. The graphics are created a feel of the pac man games which also added to its themes.

Cap-Sac Laser Portraits - '80s Fun Time!::By BumbleCat Games Cap-Sac Laser Portraits - '80s Fun Time!::By BumbleCat Games Cap-Sac Laser Portraits - '80s Fun Time!::By BumbleCat Games Cap-Sac Laser Portraits - '80s Fun Time!::By BumbleCat Games

Cap-Sac Laser Portraits - '80s Fun Time! screenshots

The commands to use this app are very simple indeed. There are a variety of options which you touch have to touch the screen to follow the orders to upload your picture and then add which of the outfits and backgrounds which you like. You can pull funny faces on the pictures you take to add to the silliness of the photo graph and then dress up your image as you see fit.

The app is really entertaining and I had a lot of fun playing around taking photos and adding on the silly backgrounds and images. I found the clothes hilarious such as the silly hats, over sized glasses and the bright track suits.

With the 15 backgrounds there are numerous different pictures you can take to make them appear unique. You can trash the photo immediately if you do not like it or if you take a really good one you can immediately send it to friends or upload it to one of the social networking sites such as facebook or twitter.

There is nothing over complicated at all about this app so it is really easy to use and on account of this the app is suitable for people of all ages. Children can use it to make silly faces and pictures whilst adults can ultimately do the same and send the images to their friends or put as a profile pic on one of the many social net working sites.

I thought it would also be quite amusing to use this app on an older member of the family, perhaps a grandparent. It would be really funny to see them kitted out in 1980’s fluorescent retro clothing.

The app is really good fun to use and play around with and even better is the fact that it is free. All this fun for no cost at all can only be an added bonus. The app does exactly as it promises and is designed well enough for what it is. It is a quirky novelty which is fun to play with and provides a few laughs and giggles.

Good little app to kill a few moments with to make funny pictures with and to send to your friends. If you are a huge fan of this app then more lasers can be purchased if you wish which obviously will extend the playability of the app.

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Download Cap-Sac Laser Portraits - '80s Fun Time! from iTunes

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