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Chester Walls Quest

10 Jan 2014

Chester Walls Quest game review

Chester Wall Quest is an exciting new application designed for iPhone and iPad; it requires iOS 4 or later.

The application is designed to teach users about the history of the Chester Walls in a fun and stimulating adventure style game. As the program is opened it will ask for a team name, by creating a team it will unlock the first achievement.

This is mainly for schools and groups of people that are walking around in teams. Individual users are prompted to just put their name to create a profile.

Chester Walls Quest::By Imagemakers Design and Consulting Chester Walls Quest::By Imagemakers Design and Consulting Chester Walls Quest::By Imagemakers Design and Consulting Chester Walls Quest::By Imagemakers Design and Consulting

Chester Walls Quest screenshots

There are a total of fifteen achievements to earn and on completing them all the user should have good knowledge of the Chester Walls and surrounding area. If the user is visiting the Chester walls it is good to use the map on the application for a guide around the area.

The Chester Walls Quest app is officially categorised in the iTunes store as a travel app.  In my opinion however, it is much more than that. It is a GPS game-based travel guide that takes full advantage of the location services in your apple device such as iPhone or iPad.

This is not an ordinary travel guide though, with this application, you can actually visit the Chester Walls and explore the sites and history, all while engaging in quests that entertain and educate you at the same time.

It will require the use of location services and will need a 3G connection to run the program effectively. As the user walks around the site the GPS will update and the user can click on pin heads to access information, history, videos and a quiz about each specific area of interest.

All of the information is also available without being at the Chester walls. The user can access a virtual map and zoom around the area on the device from the comfort of their own home. Videos of each area show re-enactments of what it would have been like when the castle was in use.

Detailed information about each zone can also be found within each section. After reading the history there is an optional question and answer segment. This can be used to test the user’s new found knowledge of the walls.

The famous clock is one of the most popular landmarks in Chester and is the second most photographed clock tower in the country. The ruins were once a Roman fortress that was founded in 74AD, it was originally called Deva.

All of this information and much more are available to read in the history section of the application. By using this application as a guide around Chester the user will get a full and very detailed outlook at how the castle used to function.

It can also guide you to surrounding areas such as the race course, shops and Cathedral. It is a very accurate application that has a very good layout and information is presented to the user in a professional and friendly manner.

A scoring system has been implemented into the program to test the user’s knowledge of the area and to compete against other Chester castle enthusiasts. As the user completes all of the challenges that the application sets the entire structure will be completely covered and every area of interest explained in full detail.

Quests are games that challenge the visitor to learn something about the history and details about each spot they visit according to the location registered by their GPS device. This is great because the visitor can learn many new facts and take away new information which they can share and impress their friends with.

There are different quests for each spot along the Chester Walls map. The end result is an application which not only provides very useful travel advice about chester, but also educates and entertains at the same time.

All of the facts are highly accurate and precise. The videos are professionally edited and give a very good picture of how life used to be. The sound quality of the videos is excellent with very clear voices and noises.

If you are a visitor looking for a unique way to interact with the rich history of Chester, or just want to learn more about Chester and the many stories to be told, then Chester Walls Quest is the perfect travelling companion and information source for your next trip to Chester.

Of course, you can use the app anytime, anywhere, so you can enjoy learning about the cities rich heritage and history. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to learn about Chester using modern mobile technology done right!

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