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25 Jan 2014

Cinema-trix game review

I have always been into photography, and the new era of photo apps available on the iTunes store for the iPhone and iPad or any iDevice that has a camera never ceases to amaze me.

The latest entry that blows my mind is an app called Cinema-trix. Cinema-trix is an app designed for iPhone and iPad that takes having fun with your camera to a whole new level.

With this app, you are able to take pictures or video and introduce augmented reality effects directly into the picture or video you are taking in real-time.

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Just pointing your iPhone or iPad at your subject, you can add many different effects and capture the effects directly as you shoot your next great masterpiece, and there is no post-processing work needed.

The only left to do is to share your great picture or video with your friends, made possible through the integrated social media connections. If you know how to take a picture or video with your iPhone or iPad, you already know the basics of how to use this app.

You simply open Cinema-trix, choose to take either still pictures or video with the camera, select the pre-set augmented reality effect and start shooting your images or video! Once you select a pre-set effect, you are also able to fine tune the details of the effect, so you can adjust the sensitivity and range of effect settings to get that perfect picture or video you want to capture.

There is also a high resolution "snap-shot" mode so that you can take HD photos. The pre-sets included to the app include: CGA, Poster, Neon, Thermal vision, Cartoon, Red and Blue, Blue LettersThe Blue Letters effect is my personal favourite; it is somewhat like the effect from the movie "The Matrix" only better.

The fine tuning details that are available that allows you to adjust colours, intensity, blur, posterization and rain colour, give you the capability to create very unique and interesting images and videos.

Once you have taken your perfect shot, the image is saved to your photo gallery so that you can easily view or send the picture to others. You are also able to edit photos that you have taken with other apps or with the camera app directly from your photo gallery.

The Cinema-trix app allows you to easily upload your creations to various social media sites including:• Facebook• YouTube• Twitter• InstagramAdditionally you can e-mail your images and videos to others directly from the app.

I really like this app because I am a social media junkie and I enjoy posting unique and fun images on my Facebook and Twitter accounts. The augmented reality options are really impressive and I have received a lot of comments from my friends asking how I took those photos and what app did I use.

Well, I used Cinema-trix and I would give it a good recommendation. The app is free on the iTunes store, so what are you waiting for? Just go on App Store and download this great app today!

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Download Cinema-trix from iTunes

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