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Comics Head

05 Mar 2014

Comics Head

Do you like to tell stories? Are you an aspiring writing like me? Do you like to share your daily experiences and thoughts with your friends?

If you’re a creative kind of person who loves to socialize and always look forward to share new experiences, thoughts and pictures, you need one thing for sure i.e. Comics Head.

Do you like to express your own views on various issues and things happening around the world? Are you a travel freak and keep sharing your travel experiences and photos from your trips?

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Comics Head portrait screenshots

Now you would be thinking what Comics Head is and why do you need it? Comics Head has been yet another self publishing tool that can bring up the artist in you even if you live in completely different world than an artist. It lets you create your own storyboards, presentations, collages, etc. which you can share with your friends and show off the artists in your (even if you’re not an artist).

But is it yet another self publishing tool available on iTunes store? Certainly not. This is one of the best and most utilizable tool I have ever come across till now. Just imagine, you can share your story in a completely different visual format which would compel anyone to stop and take a look. You can create comics or photo journals or you can simply document your last trip as a presentation. Isn’t that great?

Comics Head is a tool which has given me beyond my expectations. I downloaded it, considering at as a simple self publishing tool, but now I am using this even for my business presentations. Why? Because it’s so easy to use and effective as well. It would let you convey what you want to say in a lovely manner. Anyone would get impressed by your presentation skills unless they know it’s the magic of Comics Head.

The app lets you choose between different templates and art assets which are inbuilt and can be utilized in an easy manner. Once you compile up your idea in the Comics Head way, you can easily share them on social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You can also mail those ideas and how can I forget the AirPrint facility. It’s awesome. Just one click and your lovely artistic creation are printed and ready to go on your showcase wall.

You can easily make comics and memes and save them without the watermark of Comics Head which is seriously nice for everyone tends to think that it’s your own effort and gets amazed at the kind of effort you have made and no one knows that it’s the effort and tricks of Comics Head. Sshh! Don’t tell anyone. It’s a secret. Don’t tell that to anyone. Just download this on your iDevice and start surprising your friends and colleagues with the kind of creativity you have and the kind of artist you have become with Comics Head.

I love this app so much. I play with it all the time. What about you? When are you downloading it?

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