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23 Jan 2014

DesignYourBody game review

Design Your Body is a fitness application that can help the user to improve their body mass index (BMI) and their general health.

Design Your Body is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It uses the internet to stream videos, however these are not vital to watch and the program still works perfectly without a 3G or Wi-Fi connection.

Many people that want to lose weight sign up to a gym or use a personal trainer; this can become very expensive and for many, completely unaffordable meaning that this application is an excellent alternative to paying trainer fees.

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Design your body can help to improve your fitness and health by organising your daily workout and setting out training sessions and gym workouts that are recommended to help you achieve your goals. The application gives detailed information and video examples of how to perform tasks safely, which is perfect for people who are new to working out.

The app saves and records all of the data to help calculate how well the user is doing and to monitor changes that may need to be implemented to a weekly routine. It is important that exercise is varied and not repetitive.

If Design Your Body finds similarities that are not beneficial to the body it will suggest relevant alternatives or possible changes that can be made to enhance the user’s workouts. There are several specialised areas that the application can focus on.

Some of these are bulking up, slimming down, muscle building, health program and programs designed for ladies. All of the programs within Design Your Body require the user to take into account frequency and intensity or each activity; this is the key to succeeding in the goals that are set.

This superb fitness app allows health enthusiasts to apply their own gym workouts and use the program to record and monitor data. The layout of the app is extremely easy to navigate around and looks very professional.

The main screen shows five options along the bottom, all of the options and features of Design Your Body can be accessed from these five sections. The Program button is used to specify which workouts that the user would like to start, they are predefined sessions, the user can create their own workouts.

The workouts can be manually edited at any time or updated to fulfil new requirements. The second option on the main menu is My Program. This is the area that shows the user how to perform each activity with the use of photos and video examples.

The videos are highly accurate and run smoothly once buffered. Data can be input to record how well the user is performing and dates can be seen on the calendar as to how frequently that activity is completed.

This application is absolutely fantastic for gym members to enhance their performance. It is also good for people that do not have gym memberships and want to record and visually see progress from running, or other similar activates.

It is easy to use and looks very appealing.

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