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Diana Photo

30 Apr 2014

Diana Photo game review

There are a bunch of photo-editing apps out there.

So many that it is sometimes difficult to decide which one will deliver the wanted results. Well, I have found this very cool app for photo editing. But this is a different type of editing and it really delivers! I refer to Diana Photo. Diana Photo is a double exposure photography app and is the greatest one out there!

Diana Photo will even challenge your creativity and provide you with lots of fun as you create interesting photographic masterpieces. Double exposure photography is all about being imaginative and creative.

Diana Photos give you the tools to let your creativity flow and be charmed with the results. So go ahead and install the application. Once you´ve done it, the start screen will be a random selection of two pictures from your gallery.

So for starters, Diana will make suggestions for you and then you decide what you think. Press on the random button or shake your phone and Diana will select any two other pictures from your phone´s galley to create another photo masterpiece.

And this only takes three seconds. But if you already have a project in mind, simply press and hold of the pictures and you will be prompted to select a picture from your gallery or take a picture right there from the app.

What type of photos can Diana deliver for you? Well, you can have a picture of yourself exposed with a picture of beautiful valley within your figure’s outline. You can also have a picture of a tree with a scene of a beach within it.

The possibilities are endless! But this is not all you can do here. You can also change which photos superposes which one by simply switching the order of the pictures. Once you have decided what photos to double-expose you may just leave it how it is or you can add filters to it.

Select from a series of filters Diana Photo provide to make your work of art even more mesmerizing. Capture the real essence of what you want to deliver by giving your photos the right filter. The fun does not end here yet.

Once you have selected your photos and added the desired filters to it you can also share it. How do you share? Well, you can share using all the social media sites, instant messaging, and email apps on your phone.

It is pretty easy to do! Simply tap on the sharing button and you are good to go. This is real fun photo editing too. You will find yourself having a great time as you give your photos a unique touch and then share with your friends.

The types and amounts of message you can give with double exposure photography and with Diana Photos is endless. So go ahead, let your creativity flow and have fun with this application. You will not regret it!

The application includes social media buttons so you can also join the fun of Diana Photo on FB, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. I suggest you join Diana there as tips and ideas are given. Have fun with Diana Photo!

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