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Dreamstime Photography: Sell Photos Featured

24 Oct 2014

Dreamstime Photography

If you want to capture photos and earn from them, Dreamstime Companion mobile app is the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to do it. Whether you're an individual or a company, uploading high quality of photos ensures that anybody with any interest in what you're doing will have a quick access to that information.


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As a new user to this mobile app, there are some important things I do like about it. First, the quick account set up and sign in is hassle-free.

Every new user who wants to have a Dreamstine Companion account can easily make one by just providing an available email address and username with your desired password of course. Also, the sign up or sign in page has a very good design. It is very pleasing to the eyes. A perfect example for simplicity is beauty and it is simple yet elegant design. Second, it is so easy to upload photos from your iPhone and it does restrict you from uploading your photos that are less than three megapixels.

I like it because the mobile app itself is helping you to choose the best and high quality of photos that you can upload by only allowing you upload your photos that are three megapixels or above. Lastly, Dreamstime does review the submitted images. I think they do that in order to ensure that the submitted images do match the buyers’ requirements and do not have any legal issues. After all, I think the review time for the submitted images will only take 24 hours as the maximum and not for days.

This mobile app made me realize that photos are money if you just know how to make it work because it truly is possible to earn lots of money with your own captured photo, I believe that this mobile app can help me and other people who loves photography in the long run, whether these people are professional photographers or not.

I know and I believe that there will always be someone who can be a potential buyer that will purchase my images. I used the mobile app to enter titles, descriptions, and keywords to a few images and I was definitely with no doubt surprised that I could reuse the information from the previous image. This really reduced the time spent per image and enhanced the workflow remarkably. I also noted that the mobile app can automatically fill in the keywords from the title and the description but that it does not pre-populate the words like "and", "in", “or” and "the". This mobile app is so great and awesome.

I was amazingly astonished on how it works which made me think that if it possible to keep away from these kind of words being prepopulated in the mobile app, it should also be possible in other version as well? Such as the web version? Another thing I’ve noticed is the only current option to uploading photos are from the device itself. I suggest that it would be better if users like me can hook into other online storage such as Dropbox and Google Drive. Over all, I am starting to love this mobile app. Take it from the newbie.


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Download Dreamstime Photography from iTunes for free  Download Dreamstime Photography from iTunes for free     Dreamstime Photography

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