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Galaxy - Chat Play

11 Dec 2013

Galaxy - Chat Play game review

Do you like making friends?

Do you want to interact with people all over the world sharing interesting stuff with them? Do you want to connect to your friends residing in different geographical locations? If you are fond of making new friends then, Galaxy – Chat & Play are made just for you.

Galaxy – Chat & Play is an amazing social networking application which is easily available on iTunes and has more than 25 million registered users worldwide.

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Galaxy - Chat Play screenshots

Oh yes, with just one app, you can connect with over 25 million people and have an amazing time with on your phone. You would be thinking there are so many social networking apps available then why should I go for this one?

I thought the same but I had to download this for my friends insisted and now, I accept that this app is a different one. Galaxy – Chat & Play has some special key features which makes it a good choice for social networking.

You can easily sign up for free and connect. The app allows you to create your own customized character. You would really have fun while doing this. There are varieties of colorful characters available from which you can choose from.

The fancy costumes and clothing items are really alluring. Then, there are chat rooms which can also be decorated and customized. You can even create your chat room and share private messages. You can also do blogging.

I seriously consider it as one of the best apps for socializing. Sharing of photos has been just so common with social networking apps. Isn’t it? But Galaxy – Chat & Play makes it more interesting. You can enter Photo Battles and hold regular photo competitions which seriously makes photo sharing much more fun.

Then, the games, the games which are available through this app are really worth trying and funny. Some basic games like Tic-Tac-toe make the experience worth trying. There are a number of quizzes and anagrams as well.

I really love the ranking system in the app. If you play games, you can be credited as a best player on the entire network. Isn’t that cool? You can also fulfill your dream of becoming a top model by customizing your character in a stylish and incredible way.

Do you want a pet and your parents don’t allow it? Don’t worry. This app allows you to buy a cute pet and take care of it. You can watch it grow and reproduce. Also, you can gift your Galaxy – Chat & Play friends.

How about making a girlfriend and gifting her some cool stuff here? You won’t even need to spend money. The best part is that the app is ad free. There are rarely any apps which are ad free these days and this one is actually the best ad free social networking app ever.

Socialize with millions of people, play games, share photos, have competitions, get a cool avatar and gift your friends – you get too much in this app. Don’t you think so? What are you waiting for then? Just download it and start connecting.

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Download Galaxy - Chat Play from iTunesDownload Galaxy - Chat Play Android app download from iTunes Download Galaxy - Chat Play Android app download Android app download from iTunes

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