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GameServer Remote Control

05 Mar 2013

GameServer Remote Control game review

This latest app has been released by the developers Chatcom. net.

GameServer Remote control can be seen from the outset as a very clever and useful little app. In a nutshell this app is a query tool to help administrating gameservers.

There was a lot of information included in this app and at first it took me a while to find my feet and navigate around it but once I figured it all out it was well worth the time and effort as there is so much included in this app.

GameServer Remote Control::By Chatcom.net GameServer Remote Control::By Chatcom.net GameServer Remote Control::By Chatcom.net GameServer Remote Control::By Chatcom.net GameServer Remote Control::By Chatcom.net

GameServer Remote Control screenshots

The controls however were very simple to use and once I understood what I was going I could see how invaluable this app actually was. The illustrations on this app were very impressive indeed. The use of colour was very bold and vibrant yet unfuzzy so everything was clear and not confusing.

It looked very stylish and current without appearing cheap. The tabs to this app are situated on the bottom of the screen and clearly labelled so it is very easy to use. There is the info tab, player, rules, console and about.

I found these well marked and very useful in trying to find my way around the app. I found the program very useful and soon found I could monitor the state of game server in addition to being able to have remote control to them.

It also has a great little feature which allows you to have a friends list, or a “buddy list” as the app refers too. This feature will send you a notification when any of your friends come to play. The app also supports source Engine and platforms Linux and Windows which is very useful.

The are many additional features to this app apart from managing servers and these features include kicking and banning players, altering maps, altering the rules and regulations and you can use iCloud to Sync server list to all devices just to name a few.

The GameServer Remote Control supports many of the popular games. A few of these included Call of Duty and Call of Duty 2, The Half-Life series, four of the Counter-Strike games, Left 4 Dead and Left 4 dead 2, Medal of Honor etc.

These are just a few of the games I have named. There are many more which this app supports and new games are constantly being added. As I have stated previously this is a very well designed and clever app.

It is easy to use, has fantastic graphics and is essential for all game players. I highly recommend this app.

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Download GameServer Remote Control from iTunes

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