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27 Apr 2014

GeoSonic game review

Just when you thought you had seen all kinds of apps out there, here comes a unique one that will provide what no app will provide you: a relaxing Zen experience!

You read well. Geosonic is an application that combines soothing geometric patterns with relaxing music. But what do you do of that?, you may ask, and what is it for? Ok, do you remember when you would play music on your computer and there was this beautiful geometric pattern going on with the beat as the song progressed?

Well, with Geosonic, you can create that experience and customize it at your like.  So whenever you feel stressed, or you just want to wind down and meditate, or are alone and want to find some peace of mind and quiet, this is the right app for you.

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GeoSonic screenshots

You will totally love what Geosonic can do for you. Just give it a try once and you will not be able to understand how you have lived without it before.

Let me tell you how it is that it works. Once you download the application, you open it and the title appears. Simply type on the start screen anywhere and this will take you to the start of the application. You will be shown a white geometric pattern that is recurring.

Now this is where it gets even more exciting. Tap on this screen and a bunch of buttons will appear. So now you have a canvas to build upon and you are given the tools to do it. With the tools that you are provided, you are able to customize the geometric pattern as it is accompanied by solfeggio music scales to give you a unique visual and sound meditation experience.

Now, you are feeling overwhelmed at not sure where or how to start? Not a problem, within these buttons on the screen you will find the very useful and friendly help button. Click on that and this will guide you into tapping any of the buttons; as you do, the app will explain to you what it is that each one of those buttons do. It is very simple really.

So now just go ahead, create your first seed pattern and let the fun begin. Once you have completed a pattern geometric sequence you like, you can save it for later.

So, basically you have become a composer of your own Zen experience! Is that cool or what?! Within the application, you will find a button that will allow you to create special drawings for chakra stimulation too.

Go ahead artist, create your patterns, and add some layers. This application allows to create virtually any pattern. It is all left to your imagination and inventive. There are so many other pretty cool things you can do with Geosonic, you won´t believe it!

Creating the patterns is fun already, but once you have made your meditation geometric pattern, you get to enjoy the fruits of your own creation.

Download this application now and get ready for the fun and for the soothing effect this app will have on your meditation time.

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