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20 May 2014

GeoSonic game review

Mush Dev Studio, the developer of GeoSonic app is known for its creativity in app design but never has anything as amazing as GeoSonic app made its way into the Android market.

Android users have lots of edges over other smartphone because of this app. More so, iPhone and iPad users are not left behind in any way as GeoSonic is also available for the platform. This app can only be perfectly described with the word “creativity”.

It is an app that brings together graphics, music and sound into a single piece in order to confer excellence.

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GeoSonic screenshots

The current version of the app is 1.278 and it runs on Android 2.2 and above. Have you ever thought of an app that can cause you to relax your nerves even in a tensed atmosphere, this is obviously the app.

Geosonic app is perfectly designed to offer you a mandala experience, a concept derived from Buddhist or Hindu symbol and which plays an effective role in meditation. The app is an effective tool when it comes to meditation. It can help you to maintain focus while feeling calm and relaxed.

GeoSonic simply brings together geometric spirals and solfeggio music. This simply produces music based on the pattern currently drawn by the app. The app allows you to customize and design the experience you want to have by creating the pattern of your choice.

It can use the patterns specified by the user or select patterns at random to produce the effects desired. The music created in this app is quite unique as it brings together geometric patterns and solfeggio music scale.

GeoSonic is an easy to use, yet effective app. The following simple guidelines show how to use this app.

Firstly, Download and install the app to your device. The title of the app appears when you open it. Type anywhere on the start screen and the homepage of the app will appear, and then tap on the screen and several buttons will show up. You can begin by customizing the geometric pattern (which originally is white) to your desire. Customizing the pattern will help you to obtain the sound and visual meditation you require.

You can begin by creating your first pattern and saving it to get a feel of the application. You do not have to be stressed out and feel bored any longer. With this app, you can feel refreshed at any point in time. More so, this app will also make your lonely and quite moment useful as you will be able to focus better and meditate.

If this app is just all about creating pattern it would have been great enough but the app features a slew of other interesting features which you cannot simply ignore. More so, you will get to enjoy your creation after creating any pattern with this app. It is high time you downloaded this app to begin making the most of its soothing effects.

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