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04 May 2014

Graycode game review

Please allow me to introduce you to a very useful app called Graycode. As you might know, Gray code is a binary numeral system in which two successive values differ only in one bit.

Changing two successive numbers to give the right combination is a must for engineers and scientists. So if you need to be changing binary numbers in the Decimal, Binary, Hex, and of course, Gray code, this is an application that will become your handiest tool.

You know the problems associated with natural binary codes. This is that if, for example, applied to a mechanical or electrical switch a natural binary code will hardly allow switches to change in a synchronous way.

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Graycode screenshots

Therefore, the Gray code was invented to make this type of transitions a smoother one.

So with this application, when a change in a Gray code, decimal, binary, or hex code needs to be made the task does not result into a daunting one. This is one great thing about the Graycode app, that it allows the typing of any number in any of the existing systems: Binary, Hex, Decimal, or Gray code. So, for example if you want to obtain the binary or Gray code values for a decimal, this calculator comes in very handy.

This amazing computer program will calculate the Gray code for any particular binary code. It is simple yet fast. Its comprehensive and very intuitive user´s interface makes it particularly easy to use.

Basically, after you install the app, you will be taken to a calculator-like with the options to tap a Decimal, a Hex, Binary or a Gray code. Whatever you type, it will be converted into any of the other code formats. No more hassle into performing conversions by hand anymore.

This application comes in very handy for scientists and engineers as it allows time-saving conversions when applying to a mechanism. Another great time-saving feature of Graycode application is that it has no place for mistakes. This is due to the fact that the number key will change according to the field the user begins to type in.

This means there is no way you will mess up when input is done. For example, if you choose to type in a binary number, the keypad will only display the two possible symbols for it. The same with a Hex number, for instance, in which other numbers such as ´A´, ´B´, ´C´ will also show up. I know this is a great convenience especially when you have to make calculations on the go.

One feature you will probably love about it is the animated Hanoi Tower with three rings which is used to give you a visual understanding of the Gray Code. I am sure you will love this visual appeal.

A very effective iOS app for the conversion between codes, this application will become your necessary tool whenever you are designing a program, a mechanical or electrical mechanism, a learning tool for students etc. Take the power of Graycode app with you on the job. Install it now!

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