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01 Jan 2014

Hollanote game review

The days of tedious Facebook status updates are over. Period.

Now it is possible for you to create status updates that do more than leave it to the imagination of your Facebook friends what your mood is. I am talking about a new app for the iPhone and iPad, that lets you create unique and stylish Facebook posts.

The app is called Hollanote, and it takes Facebook posts into a whole new dimension by allowing you to scribble your note using different fonts and colors, different backgrounds and avatars.

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Hollanote screenshots

The app is quite straightforward to use, and fun too. Basically, all you need to do is open the application, which connects to Facebook, and then you choose a font and note style, type in your message and then post.

It is that simple. There is also the possibility to take a photo using the app and then upload that to facebook. The fonts used in the app are pleasant as you would expect, after all, the objective of this app is to let you post messages that convey some some emotion combined with style.

The fonts used in the app range from cursive style to block style, and the fonts look remarkably natural, especially on the multiple styles of background stationery that you can pick from when sending your status update to Facebook.

In addition to the capability of selecting the fonts, you can choose a lovely color for the font so that you get the best look possible. Once you have chosen the look for your next Facebook status update, you can select from 16 different stationery styles, when updating your status on Facebook.

Before you actually finish your status update, you can always change the look with a tap of the finger, to another font, color or note, it is easy to fine tune your status update. Finally, after you have chosen your font, color and stationery, the final step is to choose from one of the many character faces that will be posted on your Facebook wall.

It seems the app manufacturers where going for maximum ethnicity as there are, what appears to be, ethnicities represented from all over the world. Of course, they are cartoon characters, so it is probably not needed to get too hung up on that feature, just pick the cartoon face you are happy with and then you are off to post your status update to Facebook!

You do not have to write anything at all of course, you can take use a photo from your photo gallery and post that as well to your Facebook wall. The photo feature is neat, there is a good looking shadowed background to your photo, with a slight page curl on the photograph, and looks elegant to the eyes.

I think this app will go over well with the die hard Facebook fans, it is certainly an easy app to use and it makes your Facebook posts more appealing. I would recommend this app because it is free and fun to use.

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Download Hollanote from iTunes

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