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18 Feb 2013

Horoscope Free game review

Horoscope Pro is the latest release from the developers Buzly Labs Ltd.

As soon as I began to look at this app I could instantly see what it was about and I liked what I saw! All of the signs of the horoscope were clearly listed and displayed and for anyone who likes to read their horoscope then this is the perfect app for them.

The graphics are cleverly designed with a black background to create a lovely mystic feeling and then all of the star signs were clearly listed along with a clear picture of their symbol so you could instantly recognise which was which.

Horoscope Free::By Buzly Labs Ltd. Horoscope Free::By Buzly Labs Ltd. Horoscope Free::By Buzly Labs Ltd.

Horoscope Free screenshots

Rather than a game this is more of an informative app for people who like to follow and read their horoscopes. I was very impressed at how detailed this app was and the abundance of information available.

Once you have clicked on the desired star sign it will give the date of the day you have picked but you can also go back to the days before or jump ahead to the next day to get your reading. I initially stuck to the present days reading and was given a brief over view of what my horoscope said.

Then I was pleasantly surprised that after this I then had the choice of an extended reading and could even pick the subject such as love and career. The app was extremely easy to move around and all of the instructions were clearly labelled.

At the bottom of the screen there were tabs labelled stars, daily, weekly, monthly and more. This shows just how far ahead you can go with your readings to get an over view of what to expect. As I further made my way around the app I was further surprised by the other options available other than readings.

There was a great little section called love match maker and you could input your star sign and that of your desired person and it would tell you whether you were a good match or not. I had great fun with this finding out what type of people I was meant to be compatible with.

Also, for those interested in dreams, there was a great section on interpreting your dreams. There was a clear list of items which you would scroll down until you find the item which featured in your dream such as fire or a log.

You would then press this name and you would be given an explanation as to what your dream represented. I could have hours of fun with this finding out what my dreams meant the next day. There are many more features within the app which I could take about in great length as they are just so good.

Considering this is an app for a cell phone I was very impressed about the wealth of information it contained. This is a well designed app with all the information you need and more. I would certainly recommend this app for any one interested in horoscopes.

Even if you are not, it is still fun to play around with all the same.

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Download Horoscope Free from iTunes

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