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HotDoc for iPad

03 Sep 2013

HotDoc for iPad game review

HotDoc for iPad is the latest release from the developers Telejur Software Solutions GmbH.

This app is basically to help manage and edit documents which you are using on your iPad. This is a high quality well designed app and I can not stress how useful this will be to any person who regularly uses documents on their iPad.

Due to the high volume of information this app has to offer it did take me a while to make my round around and absorb it all.

HotDoc for iPad::By Telejur Software Solutions GmbH HotDoc for iPad::By Telejur Software Solutions GmbH HotDoc for iPad::By Telejur Software Solutions GmbH HotDoc for iPad::By Telejur Software Solutions GmbH HotDoc for iPad::By Telejur Software Solutions GmbH

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But when I did I could clearly see and appreciate how useful this app was going to be and well worth taking the time to go through it carefully to see what it has on offer. The app deals with all office documents whether they be MS Word or PowerPoint and archive them easily.

As well as word documents the app will also deal with emails and attachments on them. Once you find your way around the app it is very easy to use and the controls basically just involve swiping movements of the finger on the desired document.

Other than archiving the app will also edit files very easily. Trying to do this is very easy as a clear tool bar pops up on the right hand side of the screen and clearly lists the options of actions available – text note, line, rectangle, eclipse, marker, change position, delete and colour.

As you can see the options available are quite impressive. The app can also be used in conjunction with numerous different email accounts including popular ones such as Google Mail, AOL, Yahoo and hotmail.

Creating folders was so easy and I also discovered how simple it was to export files to dropbox. I also attempted downloading the file which I managed to do very easily and had no problems. Whilst the document was downloading you are able to keep track of it so you can see the downloading process.

I personally have a lot of documents on my iPad so when using the search function I was expecting a bit of a lag but that did not happen. It was all very prompt and I could easily find the document I was looking for.

Due to the vast content of this app I did occasionally need some help to see what was on offer and I was very pleased to find a detailed manual which provided me with a step by step guide of this app so I could get the most from it.

This is a very well designed, high quality, informative and useful app. For anyone who uses documents on a regular basis on their iPad will find this app extremely useful and will save them lots of time and energy.

I found it so easy to manage the documents on my iPad and can fully appreciate this apps full potential. I will certainly be using it in the future and I am sure I will discover additional features which will come in hand which I have not already mentioned on here.

Great app.

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Download HotDoc for iPad from iTunes

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