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Hummingbird Point-of-Sale

28 Feb 2013

Hummingbird Point-of-Sale game review

Hummingbird Point-of-Sale is a fantastic app released by the developers On Top Of It Solutions LLC.

After spending some time navigating this app I could see its potential very early on and what an asset this app could be. This app basically will help any business in the restaurant genre take orders very quickly and efficiently.

The app takes orders, includes a fast point of sale, ticket management and seat management. Very early on I could see how easy this app was to use. The table number is clearly featured at the top of the screen where the order is then put in.

Hummingbird Point-of-Sale::By On Top Of It Solutions LLC Hummingbird Point-of-Sale::By On Top Of It Solutions LLC Hummingbird Point-of-Sale::By On Top Of It Solutions LLC Hummingbird Point-of-Sale::By On Top Of It Solutions LLC

Hummingbird Point-of-Sale screenshots

The price per item is shown up clearly next to each item and at the bottom of the screen not only will the full total price of the order be provided but also the tax. I found the way the order was listed very simple, easy to read and would avoid any confusion resulting in few mistakes been made when taking and submitting orders.

Pictures of the meals are also featured on this app. The graphics are very clear yet simple. The meals are shown in a clear image so it is easy to recognise what each meal is and each meal is clearly labelled with its full name.

As well as clear identification of each meal the illustrations make them all look very appealing also. Once any order has been taken from the customer it can then be sent wirelessly to the kitchen and can be printed off by just touching a button on the app.

The app is very clear to read and at the bottom of the screen regardless of which page you are on there are the options of the various tabs, orders, messages, clocks and so on to access easily. There is also the added extra of an attached credit card reader.

This can process and print orders whilst the waiter is at the customers table which will save a lot of valuable time and energy. The app will also provide real time reports which show sales of each day.

There is also the option to create reports specific to the restaurants own personal needs and requirements. The messaging system is very useful and will let each person make contact directly to the chef therefore helping to reduce the amount of errors made.

There is also a great custom menu configuration option which will allow notes to be added to the chef for example should be a customer’s birthday. This is a very useful app which can save a lot of time and energy within a restaurant assisting staff to perform their job more easily and helping to eradicate any errors which may be made.

I can see how useful this app is and appreciate its potential. Highly recommended.

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