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12 Dec 2013

HypnoHero game review

Stress is something that tags along with me all the time. It is not an easy task managing work and family at the same time. As I was looking for an outlet from this hectic life, I came across the HypnoHero app.

Relaxation and peace is actually possible with this app and I have been using it ever since, during travel, break hours and even before sleep. Though I didn’t expect much from it, I must say that it has been a life saver ever since.

It calms my nerves and triggers peace within me. It has become a part and parcel of my everyday activities.

HypnoHero::By Mind Cures HypnoHero::By Mind Cures HypnoHero::By Mind Cures HypnoHero::By Mind Cures HypnoHero::By Mind Cures

HypnoHero screenshots

The first step that took me along the journey with this app is of course the downloading part. It was quick and easy. The HypnoHero is the only app that helps create the right kind of hypnosis and exactly the way I want to.

It has plenty of hypnosis topics that are already built into it and I can also add your own creation of hypnosis with the hypnosis technology. I can actually enjoy the hypnosis created by none other than me!

All I have to do is predefine what I want to say and hear the same. There are a couple of key features that I found most attractive in this app. The High Tech hypnosis is what beat the list with its free nature sounds and binaural beats.

There is also the facility of autosuggestion that suggests hypnosis to suit our needs. If you are looking for a longer duration of hypnosis the hypnosis on the go does exactly that with 12 minutes of hypnosis.

The hypnosis that are created by us is given its patent rights. The voices that are used are clear pitched and give a total immersion into the hypnosis. I found myself hooked to this addictive app that does nothing but soothe my soul.

In a life that is filled with swift actions and quick movements, the slowness that the hypnosis carry me calms me in all situations, relieving me of stress. It has no age limit and it can also be used while meditating and yoga.

As an app of art, it can be used by people of all ages and generation. After all who doesn’t want some quiet, serene peace in this world! The app also refreshes the dull mind and keeps you feeling about yourself as you boost your level of confidence.

It is a must for all office goers who face various stressful situations every day. With the Hypnohero you can be sure of calm life irrespective of the problems that you are facing. Hours on the Hypnohero app feels like minutes passing by as you lose track of time in your own world.

It can be used and enjoyed by everyone from the teens to the older generation crowd. If you are looking for a quiet get-away from your home to some far away magic land, this is the app for you!

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