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27 Jan 2014

iDelete game review

Sending and receiving messages just got a whole lot safer!

Have you ever been in a position, where you have sent a message to a friend or business associate, and you wish you could take that message back? Have you then started to panic that you should not have sent the message in the first place? Do you fear the message you sent will come back to haunt you? Do you wish you could delete the message?

Well now, your problems are over. Introducing a new application for the iPhone, a definite must-have app.

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iDelete screenshots

The name of the application is iDelete, and it sold purpose is to delete messages that you send to other individuals after a set amount of time. Remember the old TV show Mission Impossible? That show the secret agent would receive orders from headquarters, usually in the form of some small secret device.

After receiving the secret mission instructions, then the message would auto-destruct after a few seconds. Fortunately with iDelete, you do not need to worry about your phone self-destructing; however, you can be assured that the messages that you send with this app will be permanently deleted, with all traces wiped off the phone, and all automatically.

Already, this app has transmitted over 2,500,000 messages from happy customers. There have been other application similar in design, ones that also would self-destruct images and text messages, but there was one crucial flaw – screenshots of the received images or text.

This major issue, the ability for the receiver to take a screenshot of the received message contents meant that receivers could still create a trail of evidence of the received image. iDelete has gone above and beyond and added the ability for the sender of a message to enable a screenshot blocking mode, which is used to blur the text and images sent in the message, and requires the receiver to press and hold the iphone screen in order to read the message, thus preventing the screenshot from being taken on the receivers iPhone.

So with iDelete, you can rest assured that your sent messages will properly auto-destruct, time after time and those messages will not be re-captured for saving or sending. Using the app is effortless, you just open and set the screenshot protection to be on or off, and the amount of time in seconds that the receiver should have the ability to read the message before the message is destroyed and removed from the receivers phone.

The minimum amount of time you can set for the message self-destruct is 10 seconds. Finally, there is a terrific option, that allows you to delete a message that had been sent to the receiver even before they read the message.

The app is free on the iTunes store, so this makes it worth your while to download, install and give this app a try. I found this app to be quite useful, especially when I was not paying attention to the messages I was sending.

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Download iDelete from iTunes

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